Do you want to learn the coding techniques to do something creative online. Then don’t think again, learn some coding skills, and start to work with some projects, if you have talent and skill soon you will get more customers and money. Fun to code, and want to create something new for just time pass, then there are some good places to learn coding skills. Coding skill empowers you to build better apps or websites. Through programming you will learn some tricks like how to solve a problem by solving step by step, or building something from foundation. You have think and execute each step one by one successively, which will improve your thinking ability.

You will be more confident with your work, as your building the solution from the ground level and tracking each and every step. You will be get paid if you have enough skill to develop mind blowing applications. You will get a good number of fans, if you are good at a programming language. Just check the “Wordpress” story, how a content management system changes the way of creating and sharing contents online. Let’s begin with some of the best place to learn codes.




Code academy claims it has nearly 25 million learners from around the globe. This is a right place to start to learn code using interactive method. There is  some readymade learning modules like learn to make websites, learn java, learn HTML, etc. You can learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, Ruby, Python, API. Here is a video from codecademy for your inspiration. Through this video they are showing how a person went from knowing nothing about code to building one of Time’s ’50 Best Websites’ after learning with Codecademy.



Learn from more than 1000 videos created by expert teachers on web design, coding, business, and much more. Practice what you’ve learned through quizzes and interactive Code Challenges. You can learn HTML, CSS, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, iOS, Android, UX and Database.



Udacity is one of the best places to learn Android programming, as they offer Android Nanodegree program.Udacity offering Nanodegree programs from Android to Artificial Intelligence (AI). More detailed, easy to understand lectures focused on practical knowledge, co-created with the best technology companies in the world – Google, Facebook, AT&T, IBM, GitHub, etc.



Like Udacity, Coursera also offers online learning on different topics. The top rated courses include Algorithms, Machine learning, medical neuroscience, etc. Each course is like an interactive textbook, featuring pre-recorded videos, quizzes, and projects.



Like Udacity, Coursera, Edx offers vast tutorials on variety of topics.





CodesHS is good for students to learn coding. It has everything you need to teach computer science at your school, including web-based curriculum, teacher tools, administrator insights, and professional development.

Code School


Learn from the fundamentals to the front end design from Code School. The courses are organized into Paths based on technology. Navigate to find the right course for you. You can code directly in the browser with course challenges, bringing to life what you learned and receiving immediate, helpful feedback and code validation. You can learn HTML5, CSS, CSS3, jQuery, Ruby, Ruby on Rails and iOS.



Learn from step-by-step instructions combined with 1000s of code challenges, videos and quizzes with support from expert educators and an enthusiastic community of learners. You’ll start off learning to build simple apps and websites, but quickly progress to building real-world applications you can show-off to friends and future employers. Good for learn HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript.



Throuh free code camp one can learn different programs like HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, databases, etc.



You can sharpen your coding skills with codewars. Kata are ranked to approximate difficulty. As you complete higher ranked kata, you progress through the ranks so Codewars can match you with relevant challenges. Compare your solution with others after each kata for greater understanding. Discuss the kata, best practices, and innovative techniques with the community.

Which site you are using for learning coding skills. If you have some experience with any of the sites, share your experience.


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