In our previous post we selected some image viewing apps for Android, now we are focusing on some camera apps, which will challenge your creativity. Here is a list of best android camera apps.


This camera apps help you to shoot 3D photos. It can also shoot red/cyan anaglyph 3D photos, stereogram’s and wigglegrams (GIF animation with 2 frames). Right, but how it is possible! To take a 3D shot you have to shoot the image for the left eye, move the phone to the right by two inches, then shoot the same frame for the right eye. After shooting, you have to tap the 3D icon to process the image.


Camera 3D Beta (Free)

This app makes “3D” images on your device like andcam3D, but this app is in beta version, your device may not be supported at this moment. You can take 2 or 3 to 99 photos to make 3D images, the maximum number of pictures depends on your device. Some of the features are, vibrating Stereo- Take 2 pictures and click “Vibrating Stereo” to preview as vibrating stereo,  to produce 3D effect vibrate 2 images, you can change vibration speed by sliding the screen. you can export it to Animated GIF, take 3 or more pictures and preview as a multi-angle 3D image, use accelerometer/slide to control the faces of the image.


You can also get some tips from the author to take good 3D pictures:
– Always take from left to right.
– Don’t move your device too far away from your last position.
– Try to match the object from the last picture’s overlay.
– Slide the screen left or right to change last picture overlay’s opacity.
– Try to put the object in the middle of the screen.
– Export to Animated GIF.

Retro Camera (free):

Retro Camera helps you to take old-school pictures. Some of the features are 5 sets of vintage vignetting, film scratch, black and white & cross processing effects for the analog look. Retro Camera lets you take photos that look as if they were shot with old-style cameras. The app, which comes from Urban Inc., includes the app developer’s takes on five different “cameras” that you can shoot with: The Barb, Little Orange Box, Polaroid 2000, Fudge Can and Pinhole. Each camera can be used in color or black-and-white mode.

Snapshot Pro

Snap Photo Pro enhances the device’s ability to snap pictures by adding timer mode, multi-shot mode, and stability. It also increases shutter speed and can adjust the brightness or contrast of images.

Stop Motion-Lite

A mobile stop-motion movie studio, Stop-Motion – Lite can be used to create animated film clips.

FX camera

FX camera applies filters to the images captured by your Android camera in order to give them a more unique feel, it features 6 modes.

Time Lapse-Lite

This app is similar in design to Stop-Motion–Lite. Time-Lapse – Lite allows the creation of wonderful scenes of flowers opening, fruit decaying and clouds rolling across the horizon.

Camera 360

It comes in two flavors-free and paid. The free version comes with the standard set of effects such as black and white, sepia, reverse color, etc. The pro version comes with a few more effects as well.

Funny camera (free)

You can make funny photos with the funny camera. It helps you to make funny pictures easily, some may like it some get bored easily.


Camera Fun (Free)

This is a point and shoots Photoshop lens for the Android camera, and this is the only Android app to apply LIVE Photoshop lens directly onto your Android camera. You can see Photoshop effects right through your device camera before you click a picture. Six Lens is available in free versions like Canvas, Mirror, Pinch, Sepia, Sketch and Water Colour. The pro version-Camera Fun Pro supports 24 Lens,Alphabet, Avatar, Black and White, Bulge, Canvas, Emboss, Glass, Light Tunnel, Mirror, Negative, Neon, Night Vision, Pinch, Pixel, Poster, Sepia, Sepia Sketch, Sketch, Stretch, Swirl, Thermal, Tunnel, Watercolour and Wave.



Photaf 3D panorama (Free)

With Photaf you can create a 3D panorama easily by utilizing the camera and the orientation sensor to know the exact angle each picture was taken. When done, you can move your phone around to see the complete panoramic view by using the phone’s compass or the touch screen.
Some main features are Facebook share, automatic Image stitching, Zooming, etc. The Pro  version comes without the ads, and have some more advanced features like set as
Live wallpaper, HD Mode, camera portrait mode.



Vignette helps to add film and camera effects to your photos. I noticed this app only after receiving a comment from one reader in reddit. Some of the main features of Vignette is retro/vintage styles, 68 effects & 56 frames, LOMO/Diana/Holga toy camera styles, Polaroid/instant camera styles, cross-process, tilt-shift, photobooth, double exposure and more,• supports the full resolution of your camera (3.1MP, 5MP or 8MP), support Flash (if your phone has one), front-facing camera support (on some phones), self-timer and time-lapse,digital zoom,geotagging, etc. You can visit the authors page to find the FAQ.

There are many spy cam and hidden camera apps available, but we are not interested in it, you can find one from Appbrain. Thank you for suggesting some apps, continue submitting useful information and resource, which will help our readers.


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