We all have more than one email accounts, and in these days most of the email accounts are flooded with ton of emails. If you have a big list of fans or you are an organizer of some functions, probably most of the time your email inbox is flooded with tons of unknown mails. So how can we control these emails. Yesterday, I noticed an international conference and decided to apply for it. Suddenly I noticed a service which stops my email that I send to the organizing secretary and asked me to verify the email. I verified the email and join the organizer guest list to get priority to read email.First time I noticed such a service I  go through the service. I personally use no external service to control my emails, as I receiving only a few emails, that I can handle myself. But I think the service is worth mentioning so our users can use the service to filters and prioritizes emails.


Boxbe is the service, it filters and prioritizes your email to reduce email overload. With an organized inbox, Boxbe makes it faster and easier to view, answer and send email. Boxbe is free and integrates directly with Yahoo! Mail , Gmail, Google Apps and AOL Mail. If you don’t use these, Boxbe offers a public forwarding address.

So here is some features of boxbe when use with the Gmail account. One of the best feature is the Boxbe waiting list.

Boxbe Waiting List

See the new label in your Gmail called "Boxbe Waiting List"? Emails from people who are not on your Guest List or who you’ve asked to be waitlisted will go here. It’s like a shield that protects your inbox.


Junk Score Sorting

In your Boxbe Waiting List, you can see the junk score of each email in its subject line. To find messages with the lowest junk score, just sort by subject. It’s one more way Boxbe helps you find the emails that matter.


Quick Actions

At the top of each message in your Waiting List is a small section with convenient information and links. You can approve or block a sender directly from here. All the common actions at your fingertips.


Clean up your inbox

Boxbe uses a personalized Guest List to ensure quick delivery of email from people who matter to you. While other messages are screened, those not getting priority can always be found in your Waiting List.

Your friends are already included

Your Guest List works just like your IM buddy list or your social network friends page. It contains people you’ve added or invited. When you first sign up, Boxbe’s technology scans your existing email folders and address book to establish your Guest List with all the people you’ve recently and frequently emailed. The Guest List is live and dynamic and automatically includes new people you want to receive email from.

Never miss an important message

Ever miss an important email because it got marked as spam? Boxbe ranks messages in your Waiting List from 1-10. The lower the number, the better the message. Messages with a score of 1-3 are likely to be good, 4-7 means caution and 8-10 means they are very likely to be spam.

Direct support for your existing email

Boxbe works right with your existing email address (or addresses if you have more than one). It direct support for Gmail, Yahoo!, AOL, and any domain hosted by GoogleApps . Messages from people you’ve approved continue to go directly into your existing inbox.

   Boxbe empowers you to choose which businesses and people can easily reach you. Anyone who isn’t on your Guest List will receive a request to verify their message before it is delivered to your inbox.Unverified messages are held in your Waiting List for you to review, and approve or decline at anytime.


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