protect-passwordYou probably heard the stories about hackers stole passwords of email users, online gamers and of even social network users.Even big companies doesn’t have to safely save the user information in their server. Last attack on Sony PlayStation and other service tells online security is be a problem for ever. Think of a day, someone  stole your password and stole all the information and files from your email or social network account then he deleted all your information and filled with some unwanted stuff in it. It is not a good time even for an advanced computer geek, then what is the situation of an ordinary internet user. Another problem with password is if we use bigger passwords, there is a more chance to forget the password. If you are like me, who having a lot of accounts like email,social network, site, server,etc.It is not an easy task remember all this password. If you hadn’t used an account for a longer time, you would have possibly forgotten the password. So what to do with these secret passwords?

Suppose you need to remember many passwords. You need a password for the Windows network logon, your e-mail account, your website’s FTP password, online passwords (like website member account), etc. etc. etc. The list is endless. Also, you should use different passwords for each account. Because if you use only one password everywhere and someone gets this password you have a problem… A serious problem. The thief would have access to your e-mail account, website, etc. Unimaginable.

Desktop Based

  • Keepass Password safe

KeePass is a free open source password manager, which helps you to manage your passwords in a secure way. You can put all your passwords in one database, which is locked with one master key or a key file. So you only have to remember one single master password or select the key file to unlock the whole database. The databases are encrypted using the best and most secure encryption algorithms currently known (AES and Twofish).KeePass is really free, and more than that: it is open source.You can have a look at its full source and check whether the encryption algorithms are implemented correctly.


Keepass Download

  • SX password Suite

SX Password Suite is a slightly different application but it is also worth mentioning, The SX password suite tool pack that allows you to recover that information which is automatically filled in by the browser and we don’t usually remember: name and password for different sites and services.The pack includes different applications, each one is good for a different browser. No matter the one you use: IE, Opera, Chrome, Safari or Firefox.Use the one you need and don’t loose those passwords. It’s easy.You only have to choose the folder where the browser is installed and click ‘Start recovery’ button. 5 seconds later you’ll have a list of names and passwords.SX Password Suite can be really useful if you are planning to change the browser or to format the computer. It is also a free program.


Download SX Password Suite ; View Keepass complete features

  • Password safe-Password Manager

Password Safe is a password manager that keeps all your passwords and personal data secure with 256-bit encryption.Access your passwords securely with Password Safe – install in Windows or use the portable USB thumb drive version.Password Safe is a great personal data management tool. One ‘Master Password’ is all that is needed to access all your passwords and personal information. You can use it to store,Web site passwords,Credit card and PIN numbers,Computer logon passwords,Telephone banking codes,E-mail passwords,Software access passwords,Door entry and alarm codes,etc. Manage your passwords with Password Safe’s secure access; drag and drop your KeePass compatible passwords to web pages and other software.  Strong encryption keeps your information safe and secure.


Manage your password entries with the searchable list. A password entry can be a combination of URL, your user name, and your password, which in Internet Explorer can be used to automatically log you into websites.The Password Generator can generate random passwords of any length you specify. Random passwords are secure and much harder to compromise. Password Safe remembers all your passwords for you.Password Safe gives you the security, freedom and flexibility to carry all your passwords, contacts, personal information and bookmarks, which you can use on any Windows computer simply by connecting the USB thumb drive.Password Safe has an optional on-screen keyboard which protects your data entry and preventing keyboard sniffers from discovering what you type.Password Safe has powerful Advanced search option which will search all parts of your password entry and present the results on a Google style list.Password Safe can also be run as a portable application from your USB Flash or Thumb drive.

Download Password Safe  ; Password safe USB download

  • Password Safe

Password Safe is multi award winning password protecting tool, it allows you to safely and easily create a secured and encrypted user name/password list. With Password Safe all you have to do is create and remember a single “Master Password” of your choice in order to unlock and access your entire user name/password list.Security starts with you, the user. Keeping written lists of passwords on scraps of paper, or in a text document on your desktop is unsafe and is easily viewed by prying eyes (both cyber-based and human). Using the same password over and over again across a wide spectrum of systems and web sites creates the nightmare scenario where once someone has figured out one password, they have figured out all your passwords and now have access to every part of your life (system, e-mail, retail, financial, work).

password safe

Password Safe allows you to manage your old passwords and to easily and quickly generate, store, organize, retrieve, and use complex new passwords, using password policies that you control. Once stored, your user names and passwords are just a few clicks away.Using Password Safe you can organize your passwords using your own customizable references—for example, by user ID, category, web site, or location. You can choose to store all your passwords in a single encrypted master password list (an encrypted password database), or use multiple databases to further organize your passwords (work and home, for example). And with its intuitive interface you will be up and running in minutes.Desktop version of Password Safe is freely available under open source license.

Download Password Safe – Free


Online Based

  • Passpack

Store passwords securely online. Better than your memory. More durable than paper.Securely share passwords with people and groups. Easy for families. An affordable alternative to SSO for businesses. You can invite the people you trust and work with so that you can share passwords with them when need be.Passpack works with the latest stable versions of Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer 7+.

password manager

With Passpack you can share one (or batches!) of passwords with single people or with entire groups.Every Passpack account comes equipped with a personal Passpack It! button. Install it on as many computers as you’d like, then 1 Click Login to all of your websites. Passpack supports  thousands of websites, with more added every day – you can even add one yourself.You can use the free account to store 100 passwords, it supports one shared user, one group and three travel logins. The pro pack starts with 1.5$ per month onwards.

Passpack autologin

View the full features list

  • Lastpass

Lastpass is an online password protection tool. Your LastPass master password is the only password you’ll ever need.Easily log into your websites seamlessly with a single click of your mouse button.Set up multiple ‘profiles’ and automatically fill your personal information into web forms accurately and safely with lastpass.Your sensitive data is encrypted on your PC. Only your LastPass password can unlock your data and only YOU have it.Your LastPass vault isn’t limited to only securely storing usernames and passwords – ANY confidential text data can be placed in your vault for safe keeping.Securely share logins with friends and let them share logins with you and never worry about sending sensitive login credential by email ever again.Securely backup your data to a USB key and use Firefox Portable or LastPass Pocket to use your data directly from the USB key.Enter your password using your mouse on a virtual screen keyboard to protect yourself from keyloggers and key sniffers or use One Time Passwords.


A universal windows installer is available. The Universal Windows installer installs browser extensions for Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome. It also allows you to easily create a LastPass account and import your existing passwords. It’s the best way to install LastPass on Windows. The 64 bit installer includes 32 bit IE installer.

Lastpass online ; Lastpass Download

  • Clipperz Community

Clipperz Community Edition allows you to host on your own server a web service identical to Clipperz online password manager. It’s open source and released under an AGPL license.

Check Clipperz Community

What you think about this type of software based and online password managers. Which password manager you use for storing your passwords? what you think about the reliability and security of online password and offline suites ?


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