Wondering, how these popular website make these huge millions online. You may answer it easily like, they are using advertising to generate revenue. Is the advertising method is the only method available for making money? Is it sufficient to meet there huge expenses? Are all the popular online companies are profitable? If you don’t have any idea about it, visit this site – How do they make money. We can see a list of nicely arranged circular panels of popular websites like Google, Facebook, EBay, Amazon, Groupon, etc..


   To know the revenue model of the company just click the button of the company that you want to know. It will open up a box with revenues, the company is profitable or not, income methods, etc.. You can filter and sort the list by revenue type or service type. Revenue type covers, advertising, subscribes, lead gen/affiliate, selling data, freemium and royalties whereas service type covers, Ecommerce, App design, entertainment, social media, search and hardware.


    On clicking the button it shows a popup box with information like the service is profitable or not and top revenue generating method(s) like advertising, subscribes, lead gen/affiliate, selling data, freemium and royalties. It also includes the source of information at the end using short url using bit.ly service. From the below screenshot one can see that Gmail is profitable but Instagram was not profitable before acquiring by the Facebook.

    How-do-they-make-money-Gmail           How-do-they-make-money-Instagram

    Do you think that these information are accurate? Did you believe that these are the only revenue models of the highly popular sites?


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