In these days, it is very difficult stay without going online. If you are like me, you may have at least a few emails, some notifications and some invitation in your email inbox. If we have any business or having a professional email id  then in addition to this regular mails, we may have to send and receive a lot of official emails every day.

   But have you ever wondered where your message goes after you hit the button “send?” in your mail box. We may not bothered about what happens after hitting the send button. Did you ever think, how does an email travel from your email mailbox to your friend’s computer or mobile or tablet or across the country or around the world?

The Story of Send

  Google is answering these questions with a new page filled with animations, visit  Story of Send. This new site gives you a behind the-scenes look into how all that virtual information makes its journey through the real world from the Internet service provider to Google data center and beyond. In the site you will find everything from where Gmail filter for spam and scan for viruses to how Google minimize the impact on the environment through energy efficiency and renewable power.

Gmail Story of Send

   Google has included enough videos and photos throughout the animated journey which helps you to explore certain areas more deeply. The following video shows the story of email send.


What Happens to Your Email

  • The journey of email send begins when you click send button on the screen in the Story of Send page.
  • Once your message leaves your Internet Service Provider (ISP), it enters an Internet backbone router. Here’s where Google picks up your message and guides it to the closest Google data center. To provide the best possible user experience, Google try to pick up your requests as early as possible from the local ISP.
  • Then Google protect your message with a wide range of security measures. Security cameras, iris scans and fingerprint scans at Google data centers are just a few of the measures they take to secure and protect your information.

Google Network room

  • When your email reaches the data center, it needs some guidance on where to go next. The networking room sends your message on its way, directing it to the servers that handle Gmail.
  • Your message then enters Google’s server floor. Google’s servers support many products at a time — that’s “the cloud.” —more searches and more Gmail with fewer servers and less energy.

Google servers

  • Google servers work together to process your data, including duplicating your message to create backups, scanning it for viruses, and filtering for spam. Google’s all servers are also custom-builds, so they are 93% efficient.
  • And finally the email is send to your senders inbox. Thus he can read emails in his computer or smartphone or in his tablet computer.

Gmail end of Story of Send

All these things are presented nicely in Storyofsend . Did you liked it?


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