Google Maps and Google Earth doesn’t need any introduction. Google map becomes a personal navigator for many. Google maps help us to navigate us through the busy streets. Google Earth helps us to explore the world without leaving our seats and without spending a penny from the pocket. Google maps use imagery from Google earth to display the satellite map. To find the exact date when a Google map image was taken, you need to install Google Earth Pro application on your computer. It is a free application.

After installing the Google Earth Pro application, open the application and search your place in the search box or you can zoom into the area where you want to know the capture date of the map. At the bottom of the screen, you can see the Imagery date. In the above screenshot, the date of capture is highlighted.

To see the Historical imagery of a Place
Do you want to see the changes happened to a place from 2003? You can use Historical imagery in Google Earth to see the imagery from 2003. In the Google Earth Pro desktop application, find your location using search. Now click the View menu. Enable (tick mark) Historical imagery in View menu. You can see a slider on top of the screen like the one in the below picture.

Move the slider up and down to see the Earths imagery at that time. At present, you can see the historical image map from 2003 to 2019. You can also see the date if imagery captured above the slider.

Did you use Google Earth pro on your computer? Share any findings with our readers to explore Google Earth better.


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