Computer cables are essential to connect various peripherals to the computer. As technology improved, different types of cables are evolved to connect the various device. For a normal user, it is very difficult and complicated to understand and identify the uses and functions of different cables. Here is a quick guide to identifying various computer cables and their uses. For the sake of convenience and understanding, here the cables are classified based on their uses.

Display Cables
There is a different type of computer connection cables are available to connect a monitor to the computer. VGA, DVI, HDMI are some commonly used display cables. Most monitors support more than one type of cable.

VGA (Video Graphics Array) cable
The VGA cable is used to connect analogue to connect the PC to monitor. It is a three-row 15 pin connector.

DVI (Digital Visual Interface) Cable
DVI cable is a video display cable to transfer digital video content. It can transmit uncompressed digital video, it can support DVI-A (analog only, DVI-D (digital only) or DVI-I (digital and analog).

HDMI (High Defenition Multimedia Interface) cable
HDMI replaces analogue video standards, it can transmit uncompressed video and audio data to an HDMI compatible computer monitor. HDMI can send the best quality video and sound to HDMI port.

USB (Universal Serial Bus) Cables
USB cables are used to transfer data or to charge a device. USB connectors are plug and play connectors to communicate with different peripherals.

USB-A cable
Based on the physical design of USB cable it is classified into three different types; USB type A, USB type B, USB type C. USB-A is a flat rectangular interface and uses flat contacts.

USB-B Cable
USB-B is square in design with slightly bevelled corners.

USB-C cable
USB-C connector is the newest USB connector.

USB 3.0 Cable

This is is similar to USB but with a small form factor.

Micro USB
This is physically smaller than Mini USB to connect mobile phones, digital cameras and other gadgets.

Audio Cables
3.5mm audio cable
These type of audio cables are used to connect a various stereo audio device like PC audio, DVD player, mp3 player, etc.

XLR cables
XLR cables are for audio applications from professional recording sessions to live performances.

Ethernet Cables
Ethernet cables are used to connect the device with a network. We can connect our computer to the internet through an ethernet cable. Long ethernet cables result in slower transmission speeds.


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