If you are suffering from slow broadband internet speed and clueless about the reason for slow connection check your internet connection. Sometimes your Internet Service Provider (ISP) may restrict your internet connection data limit. When your Internet connection doesn’t work as expected, you have to correct it and troubleshoot it. You couldn’t identify whether the connection problem is caused by your internet connection, or due to some applications or something else? There are a number of speed testing tools available to check your internet connection health and speed. These tests run a few short speed tests to several measurement servers on different networks to compare your broadband connection performance.

Internet Health test

Internet health test uses open internet measurement tool, M-Lab code to check the connection. Measurement Lab (M-Lab) is the largest open source Internet measurement effort in the world that provides performance tests to help people to develop an accurate picture of their Internet service by offering a state-of-the-art server platform that supports many measurement needs. To check your connection, click ‘Start Test’. It will check and shows the result.

The following image illustrates the relationship between tests run by consumers and M-Lab’s data collection. You can run a speed test by Ookla to measure your internet performance. After finding your internet connection speed you can take the next step to speed up your slow internet connection.
You can use Netflix’s Fast speed test to test the internet speed and compare it with Speedtest interent result.


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