In this connected world, no one can live without using any of the internet related service. Nowadays, social networking is the buzzword that the young generation always care about. We may know that, it is a crucial thing to check the updates of the social networking sites, to keep up the friendship, relation,connection and  online reputation. Most of our users have more than one account in a social networking site. Many users have profile with different social networking site. In these days it is very difficult to find people without having a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ accounts.  Most of us having at least one account in all of the above social networking site. But updating and following each social networking site is a tedious task. It may possible in holidays,but it may appears very distracting and time consuming job, if it is a working day or busy with your workload. But we have to keep an eye on the social networking sites to find what is happening around and what your friends are discussing about. This idea gave birth to several new tools called social media managers. They provide us an easy pane to handle multiple social networking sites and tools to update the posts in all accounts using a single click. Here I am going to look inside of some of the best social media managers available on the market.



This is a new application with nice interface. After having downloaded from the site, when you launch sobees for the very first time, you will notice a window contains the list of all the available services. To connect a service,one at a time, click on the services you want to use and enter the details.  After entering the details the service starts to prepare the application and display the chosen services into columns. You can organize your application, go to Change template and re-order your services. To add more service click on the Add service button which will create a new column.


To add more new service, click on the “Add a service” button which will display a smaller window (one that you can see in the following screenshot) for you to connect to other services. Click on the logo of the service that you want to add and enter your credentials. Each service you added will appear in a new column in your application. To delete a service, hit the Close button at the top right of the column and the whole column will disappear. You can easily customize your desktop aggregator according to your preferences.


For example, if you wish to remove your Facebook account from sobees. Click on the Settings logo at the top right side of the application. As a toolbar displays, select the Options section. Once the Options menu has been opened, go to the Accounts tab. As a list of accounts shoes down, select the Facebook account you wish to retrieve from and click on Disconnect. Then save the process once you are done. Now, open your Facebook page in your browser and follow the How to remove Facebook permissions process.




This is another social media managing service, which is a web based social media management tool. This service help you to staying current with your social streams. You don’t want to keep many, many windows or tabs open simultaneously to check all the services. You don’t want to launch a Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn page every time you want to read or post. The Social media dashboard HootSuite  is a nice option to check your social media streams. With the application, you can link to your social networks, it will display up to five of your primary social streams. You can choose from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,, WordPress, MySpace, Foursquare and mixi.

The basic plan is currently free, and gives you access including, integration with five social media profiles, basic reporting and unlimited apps, including StumbleUpon and Reddit. It has also a paid version, the paid version of HootSuite allows you to include an unlimited amount of social media profiles, add another user, and see advanced reporting, including geo-targeting.




You can easily add  articles, pictures and videos to the Buffer and it automatically share them to all other social media sites. You can post to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and accounts easily and quickly from wherever you find great content. Another feature is the analytics, you will get free, detailed analytics on all your posts to every social network. You can see how many likes, shares and retweets you get at a glance.



TweetDeck is an app that brings more flexibility and insight to social media users.



This is a Twitter management tool with stats.

You can also check some of the apps like, Sproutsocial, Socialbro, Socialflow, Socialoomph, etc. You can use social media marketing suite to boost your business activity and social media presence, the list including Marketmesuite, Sendible, Socialbakers, Crowdbooster, SproutLoud, Wildfire, MediaFunnel and others.Some of the relative services are still there like Twitterfeed and spreadfast.  You can read our article to setup Twitterfeed to autopublish posts to Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

Which tool you are using? Is these service can boost your social score and traffic?  Share your thoughts here.


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