Do you want to rearrange or modify your home or want to build a new home? Do you want to check it how it looks,or do you want to know, Is your design meets your needs. Here is a list of cool tools which helps you to design various aspects of your home. Some of them helps to design floor plan, some of them helps to design complete interiors, etc. You can use this tools effectively to check how your home will look, before the work starts. Some of the tools mentioned below are downloadable one some can access only online.

The autodesk homestyler is in it’s beta version, but you can easily create floor plans using drag and drop method. You can decorate your home with thousands of items and real products. You can visualize it in rich 3D see surface and finish options. One of the interesting thing with Homestyler is  you can create and share photo like images of your design with architect and friends.You can capture the snapshots that you want – across a room, through a doorway and into the next room. Once your snapshot is created, you can easily share it by email or post to your favourite social sites.

home_styler home_styl home_stylr

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SweetHome3DSmall Sweet Home 3D is an interior design application that allow you draw the walls of your home upon the image of an existing plan, change the colour or the texture of each room, and drag and drop furniture onto the plan from a catalogue organized by categories (windows, doors, living room, kitchen). You can watch the 2D design as a 3D view. You can view it in aerial view or can view from virtual visitor view.

sweet-home-3d sweet-home3d

Download Sweet home3D or  use Sweet home3D online

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Envisioneer Express is a free residential design program to design simple creation of floor plans, 3D models, and interior design concepts. Meanwhile, Envisioneer Express able import real world objects such as walls, doors, windows and stairs to make home designs fast and easy. Plus more, you can view the home design plan in 3D view.

3D home design is designed for property developers, designers and personal users who need a comprehensive and easy-to-use tool which offers a 3D display of all the design and layout options open to them. you can easily discover the simple tools and assistants, create a 2D plan and room layout and then view the result in 3D with one click.


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Home decorating or interior design is consist of multiple materials, colours, styles, layouts, furniture arrangements and more. Rugs vs. carpeting vs. hard wood floors vs. tile, etc. like. You can test paint colours which can be bright and cheerful or subtle and calming. Furniture lines can be clean and simple or elaborate and decorative. 3D home decorator have windows, doors, curtains, art, rugs, furniture, flooring, kitchens, bathroom fixtures, lighting, decor, home accessories and more to try in 3d rooms.


Smart Draw is an easy floor plan design software to sketch floor plan, house plans, landscapes, decks, kitchens, bathrooms, office spaces,etc. Start with the exact template you need—not just a blank screen. Add your information and Smart Draw does the rest, aligning everything and applying professional design themes for great results.It comes with dozens of floor plan examples make you instantly productive and customize it to suit your floor plan needs. You get thousands of ready-made graphics for furniture, kitchen and bathroom fixtures, lighting fixtures, cabinets, office furniture, wiring, plumbing,security systems, plants, landscape elements, to put to your design.Dozens of floor plan examples make you instantly productive. You can easily choose a floor plan template that is most similar to your project and you can customize it to suit your needs.


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SketchUp is the finest (and most innovative) tool from Google, available for anyone designing anything from coffee pots to skyscrapers.


Roomle is an online room planning platform, which is a new, super-easy online tool that enables intuitive 3D-visualization of rooms, furniture and decoration.Roomle is free to use. You do not need any additional software. A registered user can draw up as many plans as he wish and access them at any time.

roomle roomle3

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Placepad allows anyone to create an interactive floor plan with photos and notes in very a short amount of time, which is now in beta version.It is a sketch pad for places and allows you to create a floor plan for your place extremely quickly that can be viewed by anyone anywhere on the web. That’s pretty much it. It is not a general drawing or diagramming application. It is defined just as much by what it can’t do as what it can. Every feature in placepad is designed with the sole purpose of helping you to create a floor plan as easily and quickly as possible.

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You can also use the Gliffy online floor planning service, which is actually an online diagram service, but you can draw custom professional looking floor plans easily. Another utility is Floor planner which you can use to design professional quality interior design.It uses a set of professional tools and rich visual interface to help user imagine and design their own dream floor plan without any knowledge of interior design. Which one you like ?  If you came to know about some new service, don’t forget to share it with our readers.


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