Google’s Chrome browser becomes one of the popular browser of netizens due to its fast rendering engine. The browser interface is simple, so an inexperienced user can also use it well. The power of the browser lies in the huge number of extensions  that are available for free. The extension helps users to do advanced tasks easily without using expensive software. One can use apps anywhere and from any computer that has a good internet connection.


   Wondering, how to see the source of a Google chrome extension. It’s easier than you think. chrome browser allows anyone having a good experience in programming, to create a nice extension easily. The samples and source code are the essential tools to master the extension building process. For this purpose you can peep in to well built extensions, to learn the technique and programming method adopted by the experienced programmer. So you can easily implement it on your own projects.

   Chrome extension bear a CRX extension. The CRX files can easily handle as like any compressed file like zip or rar files. After downloading the extension (*.crx file ), simply change the file extension to zip or rar, which helps you to extract the files easily. This is the easiest method.

    If you couldn’t download an extension, then there is another way, if you are having a chrome browser installed on your system. Go to “ C:\Users\Name\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Extensions”, you can see the extensions installed as folders. In the place of ‘Name’ use your administrator or user name. You can see the installed extensions, find the extension code/key extensions panel from the browser. Below a screenshot showing the extensions arranged on there own folders.


   Did you enjoyed this tip? Is it really helpful? Can you suggest some other methods? Please bear in mind that, this technique will reveal the source code of an extension, which may be a property of another programmer. So do it at your own risk and never replicate extensions or misuse the codes used. Do it only for acquiring the programming and designing skills.


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