Wolfram Alpha is a knowledge and answer engine that can perform dynamic computations based on a vast collection of built-in data, algorithms, and methods. It is not a search engine; search engines search on the web and returning links based on the keyword provided by the user.
Wolfram Alpha is a computational knowledge engine, it generates output by doing computations from the Wolfram Knowledgebase. Wolfram Alpha’s goal is to make all systematic knowledge immediately computable and accessible to everyone.

You can use Wolfram Alpha for your work. One can get prices for futures contracts, can compute a pediatric tracheal tube size, or can get data on a freight container, in the pro version, we can analyze a molecule model file. In Wolfram Alpha, we can balance chemical equations, determine reaction stoichiometry and predict products. Compute thermodynamic properties such as entropy, heat capacity or vapor pressure for a wide variety of chemicals is possible. Find out what famous people’s birthday, or hometown, compute movie stars’ ages when their most famous films were released, look up Nobel Prize and Academy Award winners, compare the net worth of the world’s richest people. Find famous people sharing a particular given name or surname, or can find people with a specific name (for example, famous people named Stephen) shows the below result.

For Schools, we can easily get information about a chemical element, get information about a past political leader, and can solve an equation with step-by-step solutions! For your personal use, you can get a local weather forecast for the next week, can compute a growth chart, get nutritional information, and can analyze a table of expenses. One can easily get information about an Academy Award, find words with a specific ending (for example, words ending with ager), and can draw a star chart.

In the finance sector, you can find and analyze current data about a stock, you can compare multiple stocks, and can do computational work with stock data. It is easy to analyze the values of currencies from all around the world, convert currencies and can look up the physical property of money, and a lot more.

In the entertainment sector, you can explore albums and songs by artist or release date, look up box office numbers for a blockbuster film, and discover artworks from a historical period. In Today’s world, you can look at presidents and prime ministers with detailed biographical data about current and historical world leaders for all countries. Check the weather forecast for today or study typical temperature and precipitation trends for next summer’s vacation spot.

Get properties of recent or historical earthquakes anywhere in the world and explore information on earthquake magnitude and intensity scales. Even if you don’t know much about photography, don’t worry. The computational engine works the aperture from your f-stop, perform necessary computations to help you capture the perfect shot. In short, Wolfram Alpha’s computational engine is powerful enough to compute what you are throwing into it. We recommend checking this engine from the examples to know about what we can do with it. I am really surprised by seeing it’s power and happy by playing with a supercomputer! Maybe, supercomputing power to everyone!

Wolfram Alpha Website (https://www.wolframalpha.com/)

You can view the timeline of systematic data and the development of Computable Knowledge from the timeline page. You can view several examples by topic, you can also check the tour to know what it can do for you. Wolfram Alpha is free for personal non-commercial use.


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