Microsoft email service Hotmail is not in the list of favorite email services of most of the internet users in these days. Google’s Gmail got enough attention from the users due to its simple, attractive and feature rich email account.


  Microsoft has launched a new email service to complete with the highly popular Gmail service. Outlook offers, virtually unlimited storage pace, and integrates with the video chat service Skype. All Hotmail, SkyDrive, Xbox, Live users can use their existing id to sign in to the new Outlook email service. Outlook has been designed using Microsoft Metro users interface.The first thing you may noticed is the neat white screen with a blue top boarder with less buttons and instructions. We can see the email sender, email subject and time of sent. In,addition to this one can see a trusted sender icon in the email message if it is from a trusted sender.

outlook inbox

On clicking the email, more options are displayed on the top bar,like, reply, delete, junk,sweep,move to and categories. The category is much similar to Gmail’s Label. There are some readily available labels like shopping, social updates, bills, document, family, groups, important, newsletters, will help us to arrange the emails in appropriate category. In the right side of the email message there is the ‘actions’ pane and it resembles Gmail. ‘Reply’, ‘reply all’ and ‘forward’ can do from the actions. The loading of the inbox is pretty fast. The email service itself is appears to be faster than Gmail. Outlook also can use public information from other social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter and can connect it from the mail box. You can easily enable or turn off this feature. outlook-inbox

  Outlook had partnership with Facebook and Twitter, which helps to see the public names and profile pictures of people from Facebook and Twitter at the top of the emails you receive from them. You can connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts to Outlook and see the latest updates from friends or Tweets of those you follow in Outlook’s people pane along the right hand side of your inbox. Once connected, Outlook will show updates or Tweets in the people pane instead of advertisements.

Do you have an Outlook email account? How you feel it? Can you compare it with Google and which one is better Gmail or the new Outlook?


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