Want to learn a new skill for free? Want to learn a new language for free? Do you want to learn cooking or want to repair your gadgets? Do you want to master your gadgets without the help of any experts? The benefit of Youtube is immense; from learning to thinking, from cooking to coding, from creating to watching comedy, Youtube offers contents of all genres.

Learn to Cook / Master of Cooking
If you want to learn to cook YouTube is the best place to start with. There are thousands of videos about cooking in your language. If you want to become a chef or want to deepen your knowledge you can use YouTube videos to get new recipes and cooking tricks from around the world. We are in an age where you can find anything using a simple internet search, all videos are created in equal quality, some may appear good, some may look bad. Here are some most useful YouTube cooking channels that you can subscribe to.

Learn to Draw or Paint
Always wanted to learn to draw or paint but reluctant to join a course, the YouTube is the right platform, to begin with. You can learn the basics and advanced techniques from the comfort of your home. Whether you are interested in watercolor, oil painting, or acrylic painting there are tons of resources available to help you get started. You can also learn digital painting and animations using YouTube tutorials. There are a number of free and open-source graphic editor tools available to create illustrations and 3D animations.

Learn an instrument
A few years back it is very difficult to learn a musical instrument, you must join a class and may purchase your musical equipment to start your lessons. In this generation you don’t even need a musical instrument, there are a number of app-based musical instruments available, to begin with. You can learn at your own pace as the videos are available to you at any time.

Troubleshoot your computer
Most computer users may be stuck at some point to troubleshoot a problem that they faced while doing their office or project work. Thanks to YouTube videos you can correct the problem by yourself or can learn new software or a tool by watching YouTube videos. You can set up your own computer by watching the step by step video guides.

Master your camera
You can take amazing pictures using your DSLR or mobile camera by following the expert advice and tricks that freely available on youtube. Education has changed, you can start with the photography fundamentals and to proceed to more advanced lessons as you improved. There are plenty of photography courses available that focuses on elements of photography, hoe to use gear, and how to improve your photography skill. One of the main advantages of YouTube videos is you can watch the review of the photography equipment before investing in it. You can check the video or photo quality and the feature availability from the YouTube videos. You can also master your existing camera by visiting the appropriate videos.

Fix up your home or garden
You can easily fix up your home or set up a new garden by watching YouTube videos related to house improvements. You can do simple repair to big improvements using the fantastic video tutorials available on YouTube about home repairs and remodeling that saves your money and time. You can find a lot of channels offering how-to-videos, DIY projects, landscaping, and lawn care ideas. You can become a Fix-it master by simply watching related YouTube videos.

Learn life hacks
Want to learn some life hacks that are easy to do that saves your time and money. By tweaking little things in your daily life that makes your life easier and more productive. You can check 5-Minute Crafts, Wengie, Blossom, or Troom Troom to learn some new tricks and tricks.

Learn to Code
You can simply learn a new programming language or an application development platform from video tutorials. Thousands of instructional and educational videos about programming are emerging every day from experts from the industry. The programming and instructional videos are well-established YouTube channels that you can find with millions of subscribers and followers.

Learn to dance
You can easily learn to dance without stepping into a dance studio. You can find a lot of dance tutorials, find an instructor whose style you enjoy learning from. You have to analyze the movements, you have to do the steps and eventually, you will be able to do them. Start to practice in an empty room, and you can use a mirror in your dance training. The mirror provides immediate visual feedback, you can evaluate your movements, correct their placements, that gives a chance for self-correction. There are hundreds of channels offering different types of dance in different languages. You can check 1MILLION Dance Studio, or Official World of Dance to know to learns some dance movements.

Learn Self defense and workout
You don’t have the money for a personal trainer, or you don’t have time for the gym, you can still perform great workouts anywhere using YouTube videos. YouTube workout channels are your new personal trainer. You can learn from aerobics to boxing, from mediation to yoga. You will be able to find something on YouTube to keep your body and soul fit. You can learn yoga, dance workouts, fitness, workouts, and martial arts.

Wondering how to find the popular and best YouTube channels about a topic? In the YouTube search, enter a search term then click Filter, a new dox will be displayed just like the above box. In type select Channel to search all YouTube channels. You can sort the channels by relevance, view count, or rating. In this way, you can easily find the top YouTube channels on each topic.


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