If you are not familiar with the aspect ratio, it is to refer the size of the image displayed on a screen. The aspect ratio of an image describes the width and height. Sometimes you may notice some ratios like 4:3, 19:9, etc. 4:3 is the standard aspect ratio for standard definition video. 16:9 standard aspect ratio for High definition video (Widescreen). 21:9 is for widescreen cinema standard (Anamorphic ).

Now, look at some streaming service and their supported aspect ratios. Netflix shows are in 16:9. Amazon’s aspect ratio is 16:9. Facebook live and feed video aspect ratio 16:9. YouTube’s aspect ratio is 16:9. The common resolutions in the 16:9 ratios are 1920 x 1080 pixels and 1280 x 720 pixels. Common resolutions in the 4:3 ratio is 1024 x 768 pixels. The resolution of 1080 x 720 pixels is in 3:2 aspect ratio. In 1:1 ratio image’s width and height are equal, that is a square. A 1080 x 1080 pixel or the profile picture template of most social media sites (Facebook) is a 1:1 ratio.

Wistia Aspect Ratio Calculator
You can use Wistia aspect ratio calculator to calculate various aspect ratios. When you enter width as 1920 and height as 1080, the calculator displays aspect ration as 16:9. 16:9 is the standard image aspect ratio for HDTV and traditional web video. Now click on 4:3, it shows, 4:3 is used by most digital point-and-shoot cameras and was the standard definition of video before it switched to 16:9. Now click 21:9, it explains, 21:9 is the current widescreen cinema standard for film and otherwise known as Anamorphic. From the live screen, you will get how it looks in the actual condition.

Calculate Aspect ratio
To get exact formats for the video to enter one dimension in one column and the calculator will compute the other dimension.

1:1 1080X1080 Social media profiles, suitable for mobile devices.
3:2 1080X720The aspect ratio of the 35mm frame is 3:2.
4:31024X768Television& computer monitor.
For High Definition TV (HDTV), digital broadcast TV standard.

Now, you may get an idea about aspect ratio and how it defines your video. In simple language, aspect ratio defines how many inches high and how many inches wide your video. The ratio has to well-defined to make fit exactly into different media such as computer, television and movie screens. Check the specification of high definition TVs to familiarize yourself with the monitor size and aspect ratio.


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