Twitter needs no introduction.Twitter is a microblogging service, users can post a message of up to 140 characters in length. A lot of terms are using in Twitter to do various tasks, but a common user may not have any idea about these terms. Here is a list of common jargons used in Twitter,

Twitter (
Twitter is an information network made up of short messages (including photos, videos, and links) from all over the world.

It is the term using Twitter to send a text message. Tweet is the act of sending a message or Tweet. Tweets get shown in Twitter timelines or are embedded in websites and blogs. The Tweet may contain photos, GIFs, videos, and text. A Twitter message of up to 140 characters in length.  The message you send out to your followers ( a tweet) is displayed on your timeline and the tweets are searchable.

The act of sharing another account’s Tweet to all of your followers by clicking or tapping on the Retweet button. A Tweet that you forward to your followers is known as a Retweet. This is used to pass along news or other valuable discoveries on Twitter, Retweets always retain original attribution.

A timeline is a real-time stream of Tweets. The Home timeline is where you see all the Tweets shared by your friends and other people you follow.

Subscribing to a Twitter account is called “following.” To start following, click or tap the Follow icon next to the account name on their profile to see their Tweets as soon as they post something new. Anyone on Twitter can follow or unfollow anyone else at any time, with the exception of blocked accounts.

A follower is another Twitter account that has followed you to receive your Tweets in their Home timeline. A follower is a Twitter user who has subscribed to your account to see all your posts and updates.

Follow count
This count reflects how many people you follow and how many follow you; these numbers are found on your Twitter profile.

The @ sign is used to call out usernames in Tweets: “Hello @twitter!” People will use your @username to mention you in Tweets, send you a message or link to your profile. A username is how you’re identified on Twitter, and is always preceded immediately by the @ symbol.

# (hashtag)
A hashtag is any word or phrase immediately preceded by the # symbol. When you click or tap on a hashtag, you’ll see other Tweets containing the same keyword or topic.

If you block a Twitter account, that account will be unable to follow you or add you to their Twitter lists, and you will not receive a notification if they mention you in a Tweet.

Twitter Alerts enable public safety agencies to inform people during emergencies by highlighting critical time-sensitive content with notifications and a unique look.

A cashtag is a company ticker symbol preceded by the U.S. dollar sign, e.g. $TWTR. When you click on a cashtag, you’ll see other Tweets mentioning that same ticker symbol.

Liking a Tweet indicates that you appreciate it. You can find all of your likes by clicking or tapping the Likes tab on your profile.

The Notifications timeline displays your interactions with other Twitter accounts, like mentions, likes, Retweets and who have recently followed you. If you request it, we send notifications to you via email, SMS, or through the Twitter for iOS or Twitter for Android apps.

A Trend is a topic or hashtag determined algorithmically to be one of the most popular on Twitter at that moment. You can choose to tailor Trends based on your location and who you follow.

Twitter Polls
Twitter Polls allow you to weigh in on questions posed by other people on Twitter. You can also easily create your own poll and see the results instantly. To create a Twitter poll you can use this Twitter poll help.

Header photo
This is your dashboard’s cosmetic improvement. You can upload an image as the header image, the uploaded image appears at the top of your profile.

Now you can use your Twitter account even better by making use of the power of all Twitter tools and features. Do you want to learn more, check this Twitter glossary?


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