In the internet world, tons of pages adding and uploading to the web each day. It is not easy to find which pages are updated and what the new things added on different sites. Don’t loose hope, there are some tools available to track and detect changes in your favorite webpages. Some of the tools are desktop application and some are online applications. Some are free, some have a one time fee for purchasing the tool, some have a monthly or package based fees. Anyways, here we are listing a nice set of web monitoring tools that tracks a list of web pages at set intervals and alerts you whenever content is added or deleted from those webpages.

Desktop Applications



This is the first application we want to introduce. NotiPage is a free webpages monitoring software. Once you’ve configured a monitoring alert related to a specific webpage, NotiPage will automatically check this webpage on a periodic basis until all the set criteria are met. At that time, NotiPage will warn you by a visual and audible alert.


Website Watcher


WebSite-Watcher is a powerful website monitoring tool, perfectly suited to the beginner and advanced user alike. It can monitor web pages with a minimum of time. Logins to a password protected page can be recorded with the integrated Check-Macro feature. These macros are executed when WebSite-Watcher checks the bookmarks for updates. Efficient way to monitor forums for new topics and replies using forum templates. Works with all major forums including phpBB, SMF, vBulletin, IPB, etc. The full version of website watcher software is available on a 30 day free trial. The best thing is you can tracks an unlimited number of pages and you can choose to ignore HTML tags, image, numbers and dates. Track entire sites without having to specify each page individually. As well as web pages you can track RSS and Atom feeds, but this feature is not really a replacement for a fully fledged RSS reader.




Monitors web sites, blogs and text files for changes and also monitors PDF files for changes. This web page monitoring software makes following hundreds of web sites and blogs as simple and fast as checking your e-mail. This web page monitoring software costs US $69.95for the Standard Edition or US $129.95 for the Pro Edition with additional advanced features.


Copernic Tracker


Copernic Tracker automatically looks for new content on Web pages, as often as you like. When a change is detected, our Web site tracking software can notify you by sending an email, including a copy of the Web page with the changes highlighted, or by displaying a desktop alert.

Internet Owl


Internet Owl watches web pages for changes. Tell it which web page to watch, and it will check for changes periodically, and send you an email when the page changes.


Online Tools


( provides page change monitoring and notification services to internet users worldwide. Anyone can use our service to monitor any website page for changes. Just fill in the form below, we will create a change log for the page and alert you by email when we detect a change in the page text.



InfoMinder is a hosted subscription service that allows you to track changes to web pages, blogs, RSS feeds and wikis. Trial version is free for 30 days and track up to 10 web pages.



Femtoo is a revolutionary way to track changes in any public web page. You simply choose which web page you wish to track and whenever the content changes, you get notified. Femtoo allows you to select specific parts, even multiple parts of a web page.  Premium accounts of Femtoo starting from €1.20 per month.



ChangeDetect provides web page monitoring services. Receive an automatic e-mail notification whenever content changes on your favorite webpages. The free trial version of this service allows you to track a maximum of 5 pages and lasts for two weeks.



WatchThatPage is a service that enables you to automatically collect new information from your favorite pages on the Internet. You select which pages to monitor, and WatchThatPage will find which pages have changed, and collect all the new content for you. The new information is presented to you in an email and/or a personal web page. You can see an example of the watchthatpage email here and a guided tour from here.


Follow That Page


Follow That Page sends you an email when your favorite web pages have changed. It is a simple web based application.




Follow entire Web sites and receive e-mail alerts when differences that meet your regular expression filters are met. You can monitor and record any entity’s total online presence, including social media, blogs, and other Web sites.

Google Alerts


Another free option is Google Alerts. Google Alerts are email updates of the latest relevant Google results (web, news, etc.) based on your queries. Enter a search query you wish to monitor. You will see a preview of the type of results you’ll receive. You can also search inside a website like ‘webpage’.


Browser Add-on

Update Scanner

(From Mozilla site)

Monitors web pages for updates. Useful for websites that don’t provide Atom or RSS feeds.

Page Monitor

(From Chrome extension)

Page monitor extension allows your browser to monitor changes to web pages for you. It can inform you whenever a particular page changes without you having to go and check every time. To use, simply go to a page you would like to monitor, click on the Page Monitor icon and select “Monitor This Page”. You’re done! Now whenever this page changes, the monitor icon will display a notification on its badge. Of course, you can repeat this for any number of pages.

How is the list? Did you loved the products? Which one you pick, desktop? Web based or a Browser Add-on?


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  1. You can try
    It can watch part of web page, or whole web page, or even pages with subpages. If its number what you are watching it can even paint graphs. You can set up notifications if value changes or if it matches some condition (> 20 and so on)
    Notifications are via email or as push notifications as they have iOS, Android and windows phone apps and web page.

  2. Check out It has browser extension for Chrome, Firefox and Opera. You can monitor web page or section and get email alerts on change.

  3. Also you can use NeoWatcher to monitoring changes on your favoriteweb web pages.

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