Google Maps attracted a lot of attention from all over the world with in a short duration of time. It becomes a guide to travellers, it becomes a research tool to researchers and it gives fun to newbies. No one may not be think about that on one day Google maps will be an essential part of there daily life, there daily needs and will be a guide. Recently Google had made tremendous change in the architecture, graphics and performance of Google maps. Google rebuilt Google Map from the ground up. The new Google map offers improved performance, richer 3D experience, smoother transitions, 45 degree view rotation, and easier access to street view.

Google Maps

Google have rebuilt Google Maps using WebGL. In the new Google Maps WebGL version you can zoom into and out of Street View imagery.You can also experience really smooth transitions in the 45° aerial view rotations.To experience the new Google Maps with WebGL you will need to visit Google Maps in Chrome 14+ or Firefox 8+.

Animated Map of Steve Jobs’ journey of life.

Mibazaar has created an animated map of Steve Jobs’ Journey of Life.The map begins  with Steve Jobs’ birth in San Francisco in 1955 and ends with his recent death in Palo Alto. The important events include the founding of Apple, the purchase of Pixar, Jobs’ speech at Stanford University and the launch of the iPhone.


World Murder Map

The Guardian newspaper has created a Google Map showing Murder rates Around the World. The map was created using national data on homicide for 207 countries from the UNODC.

Murder map

Live lightning Google Map builds a Google map showing live lightning map. To prepare this map, they works with a community of users, who have built their own lightning receivers, to automatically display live lightning data on Google Map.

lightning maps

Hurricane Tracking Map

Stormadvisory prepared a hurricane map, which can track hurricanes happening around. This map will help researchers to study the hurricane activity.

Hurricane map

Tornado Map prepared a map showing tornados and tornado chasers.

Tornado Map

Worldwide Restaurant Guide Google Map

iEatDb is a Google Maps guide to nearby restaurants. The foodwiki also prepared a restaurant Google map. You can read about features restaurants and featured cuisines from the foodwiki site.

Restuarant Map

Google+ users Map

Mapsplus is a Google Map of many of the most influential Google+ users.

Google  users

Twitter Maps

You can also build custom Google maps using data obtained from various sources. Here two application which help you to track and record twitter followers and geo related tweets in a Google map.

Twitter Followers on Google Map is a new application that can show you all your Twitter followers on a Google Map.

Geo related Tweet maps

TweetMapping is a Japanese Google Map that lets you search for geo-related Tweets.

Are you interested in it? Do you want to view more interesting map, here is site for it Googlemapsmania. Can you recommend some good maps?


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