Quirky is a social product development company. Quirky converts your ideas in to product. Your product ideas come in, the Quirky community works on them, they sell your product worldwide. Quirky’s online community had nearly 5,000 members, and growing by 20 percent every month. Each week hundreds of inventor or "ideators," submit their concepts online.The community, composed mainly of hobby inventors, students, retirees and product-design enthusiasts, votes on the submissions. The two most popular ideas are sent to an in-house team of engineers and designers to research, render and prototype. At every stage–design, colors, naming, logo–the community chimes in. The best suggestions are incorporated, earning secondary "influencers" a portion of future sales revenue. Finally, if enough units of a product are pre-sold, Quirky will manufacture it.


Quirky has this notion of influence and you can earn influence by submitting ideas or commenting on products, and influence converts into a proportion of the profit from those objects that you worked on. There are some really interesting products on the site, I checked the electronics and accessories section and found some good designs of products.


If you have some new idea, you can submit your ideas to Quirky . Ever wondered how Quirky works, here is a short image demonstration of the process involved in the Quirky process.

Quirky Process

Submitting an idea is not free, it costs nearly 10$. You can check some success stories of some guys who make use of the opportunity to develop and sell their own products.Some of the users who earned more are : Michael McCoy-worked on 134 projects has earned: Jake Zien– worked on 11 projects has earned: Paul Lee- worked on 8 projects has earned: You can learn more about Quirky from here.

What you think about this project? Is it helpful for innovators to develop new ideas? Can you suggest any related sites having the same concept?


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