The default search engine is the easiest way to use the search engine functionality in a browser. Each browser have there own favorite search providers as they are associated with. So normally those browsers set that search engine as the default search engine. For example Chrome and Firefox using Google as the default search provider, and Internet Explorer uses Bing as the default search provider. Do you want to change this, and want to add your favorite search engine as the default search engine in your favorite browser or you want to add the search functionality of a site that you are often visiting. Then this tips are specially for you. You can set the default search engine as you wish.

Google Chrome

In the toolbar click the last button, the Wrench icon in the toolbar. In the new menu select Settings. A setting screen will open up in a new page. On that page you can see the ‘Search’ . There you can see button with a search engine name and ‘Manage search engines’ button. Select the search engine button (default, Google) to set which search engine is used by the browser when searching from the omnibox. You can find Google, Yahoo and Bing in the list. You can add new search engines by entering proper fields on ‘Other search engines’. If you want to enter Bing, Name –Bing, Keyword-, URL with %S-  in the box and click ok. You don’t worry about the URL, just go to the search engine site and do a simple search, you will get the link for search in the browser bar. Copy the code and replace  %s with your keyword. For Yahoo it is .



In Firefox, you can do it easily. The step is straight forward. Click the icon of the default search engine on the left side of the search box in the toolbar. A drop down list will be visible and select a search provider from the drop-down list and it will be instantly becomes your new default search engine. You can add more search engines to this list, click the ‘Manage Search Engines’ (the last one) in the drop-down list. A box will opens up and you can now rearrange and delete entries from the existing list. You can add additional search engines by clicking the ‘Get more search engines’. It will send you to Mozilla Firefox’s add-on page, where you can add more search engines to this list.


Internet Explorer

In Internet explorer, go to Tools on top menu or use (ALt+X) to access the tool menu. Click ‘Manage Add-ons’, then a box will opens up. In that choose the “Search Providers from the left pane. On the bottom of the toolbox, you can see the “Find more search providers’, and it will opens the Internet explorer add-ons gallery. Select search link on this page, type the name of search engine you want to add and follow the instruction to add it. To set a search provider as the default search provider, select the name and click in  “set as default’ button in the bottom right.


Bonus Tip

To puts the cursor in the address bar use the keyboard shortcut – Ctrl+L

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