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We are familiar with google books. You probabily noticed that it so difficult to load and open to read the ebooks in a slow internet connection, and may not be able to know is the full view,partial view or no preview is available. Here is a solution for it. A new software which helps you to do it well. When I heared about it, I never think of it is that much convenient to search and handle books. The guys behind the software done a great job, to give a nice visual appeal and give a realistic book shelf like appearence.


GooReader is a desktop application that allows you to search, download and read books and magazines available on Google Books.It works on Windows XP/Vista/7.It provides a sweet interface for reading publicly available books and magazines on Google Books. Instead of awkward page scrolling in your browser you can get pleasure of reading on your desktop in the same way as you read hardcover books or paperback magazines. With natural mouse moves you can turn over pages, zoom in and out, jump to the needed TOC item.Sometimes you may need to print Google Books or read them offline when you don’t have the internet connection. Besides, most people love to read books on mobile devices (like iPad) or popular e-Book readers (like Sony Reader, Kindle or Nook). In this case the PDF format is a perfect solution. GooReader allows to automatically save publicly available books and magazines to PDF files.In GooReader the search results are represented as 3D book models on a bookshelf. You can setup the number of search results and the scale of the bookshelf. The program can search online books by title, author or keyword that can be used in its description or content. If you want to read or save specific book, you can simply enter its Book_ID and open it in Gooreader. Here you can find the screenshot of Gooreader, when I searched a term in gooreader,you can also see a blank image which shows image not available. The green ribbon represents full view, the yellow ribbons represents partial view and the red ribbon represents no preview available for that book. Goo reader has paid version also, the save function is available only on the paid version.

Download Gooreader

Google Books Download


Googlebooks download

Ebooks download is a cooltool to download ebooks from Google books. You can do it manually and automatically. You can download several pages of ebook in PDF format, by selecting the page and download it one by one, or can download only specific pages. In the automatic mode, you can download the ebook (with  a no. of pages available for online reading) by giving the book’s link address in the address bar and hitting the download button. It downloads page ony by one (which is also displayed on the screen), at the end all pages stitched together and creates a  PDF book on the folder you specified. The automatically download option is available only in the paid version, but you can view book manually and can save page one by one. The pages displayed is automatically saved in the ‘Cache’ folder of Googlebooks folder situated at the Mydocuments (you can change it my clicking the folder icon seen next to the download button) of windows. You can use this simple hack, by stitch all this pages manually using some pdf builder to create an ebook.


Download Google Books Download

Alfa Ebook Manager

Here is another ebook manager software worth try, it’s name is Alfa ebook manager, it has also a paid version, with lot of features. Alfa Ebooks Manager is one of the coolest eBook Library management software that I have ever seen.It is an ideal tool for book-lovers, schools, clubs and business libraries. Using Alfa Ebooks Manager you can quickly scan your computer for book files, create structured ebooks library, update books information from the Web and even view books in 3D-space. You can find a book in your library in just a second by its title, author or ISBN.In Alfa Ebooks Manager you can catalog any book information (author, genre, publisher, series, year, rating etc.). You can also group, filter and sort books by multiple parameters. The book organizer provides powerful search-as-you-type feature that allows quickly search books by title, author or ISBN.Update books data with one click using world most popular Book sites: Google Books, Amazon, Barnes&Noble, Oreilly etc. Alfa Ebooks Manager will help you to update multiple books automatically. You can also connect it to your favorite online book store. The paid version cost you


Download Alifa ebooks manager

Direct way

Some out-of-copyright books, the Google Books provide PDF download tool, that allows users to download (and therefore print and read offline) these books. To find books you can download, click on the “Full view books” radio button before entering your search terms. Clicking on the “Download” button shown on public domain books will allow you to download a PDF of the book to your computer.


There are a lot of ways to download google books using some simple tricks you can collect the png (image) files from the browser cache (Temporary Internet Files for IE) and stich it to make pdf files, as each page in the book is saved as an image file, you can check the trick from pctipsbox. You can also use the google book downloader tool (if it is available) from codeplex. Another  method is by using the Greasemonkey script which is the most powerful and stable way to download Google Book. You can easily download any book from using Greasemonkey script using Firefox browser.

  1. install Greasemonkey Script and then install Google book downloader userscript.
  2. Install Flashgot to firefox browser and restart your firefox browser.
  3. Search any book on and you’ll notice a download button at the sidebar as shown in screenshot.
  4. Click the download button to download the images of each. Select the pages you wish to download and then right click and select FlashGot Selection to download the selected pages.

Update :-

Blio Ebook Reader

Earlier we mentioned about the Gooreader and alfa ebook manager. Most of our readers enjoyed those service. Here is a cool update of the post with a new cool ebook reader tool Blio eReader, which may rise challenge to the Kindle Store, iBooks and others.Blio is a FREE eReading application that presents eBooks just like the printed version, in full color, and with all of the features you’d want from an eReader. The program works similar to other ebook readers, the program opens to My Library section, where all the books are arranged in a virtual shelf. Here books can be arranged alphabetically by title, by author or by the date they were last read. A search function is also included, which help us to find the right book easily.Double-clicking on a book in your library will open it, revealing the front cover or, for free eBooks, a title page. You can turn the pages in the old fashioned way by clicking and dragging the page.The default Blio view shows you two pages at a time, side-by-side,but you can change the display as single pages, thumbnails, etc. You can also download ebooks. Another important attraction is, Blio eBook reader also includes an expandable note section on the left side of the interface that lets you add comments about the book. You can even highlight specific parts of the text and make notes referring to them directly.One of the novel feature of Blio is that it can work across multiple platforms seamlessly. If you start reading a book on your laptop you can then continue reading on your iPhone and return to your laptop all without having to sync the devices. Blio is able to work from the cloud to make sure all your devices stay updated.Blio has the ability to embed videos or other flash content, which is highly useful for the academic environment that could integrate interactive applications to enhance learning. Readers also have the ability to highlight, copy and manipulate the text of the books to help enhance or remember a key section of the text.

Download Blio eReader.

You can get the latest versions of Blio, the version of Blio that has been specifically designed and optimized to work on your system, or tools to extend Blio’s capabilities. Blio reader has two versions- one for Pc Win Vista/7 or XP and for Toshiba laptops(optimized for Toshiba laptops). I am extremely delighted by seeing this special version, because I am using a Toshiba laptop. The file size is nearly 33.1MB.


There may be a lot of such kind of softwares available with in a few months. One thing that I can predict is, it will enhance our online reading experience and flourish the reading habits. Surely, the reading habit never dies, but changes with time to time. Do you have any experience on softwares or tools similar or even better than this? If you find anything interesting don’t forget to share it with our readers.


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