Do you want to record your phone calls on your smartphone? Afraid of missing some important conversations? The mobile OS doesn’t have a built-in phone rerecording application. There are several ways to record phone calls, using third party apps is easier to record calls. These call recording apps allow you to replay the recorded call automatically as long as you need it. These phone recording apps can record all your incoming and outgoing calls in high quality and stores it on your phone as audio files. But there are some legal consequences in recording phone calls, you should aware of it.

Digital voice recorder
There are a number of voice recording devices are available in the market. Most of the devices have settings to eliminate background noise. In the Sony voice recorder, switching on the Auto Voice Recording automatically optimize audio capture settings for vocal frequencies. The result is a purer recording with less background noise and a reduced chance of audio loss caused by unsuitable microphone settings.

Use another smartphone
You can record calls using another phone, as all the smartphone has at least one built-in voice recorder app. But the recording may get some unwanted noise if the recording environment is noisy.

Third-party Apps
Automatic Call Recorder
(Apps in Google Play store)
Record any phone call you want using call recorder apps. You can choose which calls you to want to save, you can set which calls are recorded and which are ignored. In Google play store you can find a huge number of phone recording apps. All apps having a free version and a paid version. The paid version has more features than the free version like HD sound quality, password protection, cloud storage, etc.


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