Do you want to work in a big screen with your laptop. Don’t want to buy a laptop with a big screen. You can see things bigger even in your small laptop, if it has a video output port. Luckily, most laptops comes with an HDMI or VGA port to extend the display. You can connect your Windows laptop or a Macbook using an external monitor. Adding a second monitor makes more productive in a working environment. You can simply connect an additional monitor your laptop and extend the displays using simple settings.

Depending on the type of laptop and monitor that you are using, you can choose USB, HDMI or VGA cables. In Windows laptop there is HDMI, VGA or USB connections, in Macbooks, it have USB and thunderbolt. After connecting the appropriate cable you can choose to extend the display to the second monitor or to duplicate display on both screens.

Before connecting to external monitor check the type monitor connections available on your laptop. If you are having a monitor check the available display connection port in it. The new monitors have HDMI display port in it, old monitors have VGA or D-Sub display ports. If you are planning to buy a monitor, check the display connection port available on your laptop to avoid any mismatching in cable connection.

Connect your laptop to monitor

Step 1 : Turn off the monitor and laptop, connect the laptop with appropriate cable.

Step 2: Connect the power cable of the monitor to a wall socket.

Step 3: Turn on the laptop and monitor.

Step 4: In Windows, search for Settings, then click Display. Under multiple displays, click ‘Detect other display‘.


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