Nowadays, emails are a valuable source of information for computer users. From serious Bank details to friendly chat messages are stored in our Mailbox. A huge amount of personal information and important files are saved in the form of emails. But, emails can be lost on a day due to some technical problems. With a proper backup tool, you can keep all your emails safely in your computer or to a cloud server, and can easily retrievable. With a backup tool, you can backup all emails in a secure and central archive, even if they are distributed across different mailboxes. You can keep it on your computer or can safely upload to cloud storage. Here are some methods to backup Gmail Emails.

Gmail Backup-The Google Way
You can export and download data from Google products like Gmail, Google calendar, and photos using Takeout. Go to Google Takeout first, you can see Google products that have your data are automatically selected there. If you don’t want to download data from a product, uncheck the box beside it. You can Uncheck all to uncheck all products. If you only want to download some of your data from a product, click the List displayed. Now you need to uncheck the box next to data that you don’t want to include. Google can exports all of the messages and attachments in your Gmail account in MBOX format. It is a standard format for storing email messages. You can also choose the archive’s file type (zip or tgz files), archive size (archives larger than 2GBwill be split into multiple files) and Delivery method. You can select Send download link via email or add to Google Drive, Dropbox, Onedrive or to Box. You can create a single archive of your selected data or you can create a scheduled export, where automatically create an archive data every 2 months for one year.

You can use some third-party tools to backup your emails from different email accounts to a single location.

Gmvault Gmail Backup
Gmvault is a small downloadable toll to backup emails. If you want to backup your entire Gmail account in a unique directory use the full sync mode. Your email backup repository can be easily compressed and moved from one computer to the other. You can protect your email repository with encryption. Gmvault tool is available on Linux, Mac OSX and Windows.

Upsafe is a Gmail backup utility. With Upsafe you can automatically schedule backup and can preview the backup messages. Using archiving feature you can save all emails to your Upsafe account and delete emails from your Gmail account to free up some space. If you want to restore them, you can do it with a few clicks.

Mail Archiver (Mac)
You can automatically backup your inbox, just set up Mail Archiver once and you will never need to remember to backup manually. Mail Archiver can work as a regular backup and it supports all major email clients like Apple Mail, Outlook, Powermail, Postbox, Thunderbird and Gmail.

SysTools Gmail Backup
This tool has all the features to safeguard your Gmail emails, calendars, contacts, Google Drive documents by backing up the on-premise platform. It can backup Gmail emails with attachments from a personal Gmail account. It is capable to download all Google contacts into VCF 2.1 version format and it can securely save Gmail calendar events into standard ICS format locally.

Spinbackup securely protects your Gmail email using automated daily or as on-demand Gmail backup. It allows you to set up a specific schedule for any convenient time. Another important feature is, you can choose what emails will be backed up, by excluding or including certain labels.

MailStore (Home)
MailStore Home is a free tool to archive your emails from almost any source and search through them quickly. MailStore Home has a full-text search feature to search through large amounts of data and any type of file attachment. It is easy to restore emails from the archive or can simply open in an email client with a single click.

Check any of the tools to securely protect your valuable emails. Most of the above tools have a premium version that offers more features but with a cost. If you think your emails are valuble then you can stick on any one of the apps to backup emails automatically to your computer.


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