how google works

PPC blog published an infographic about how Google works. This beautifully arranged infographics shows how the search giant crawl the websites, how it indexed, Google’s pagerank determination factors and about Google data centers. The graph shows 19 Google data centers in US and 17 more around the world.They can be up to 500,000 square feet and  million each.Google servers are housed in a standard shopping containers that hold 1,160 servers each.Each data centers use 50–100 Megawatts of power and often found near a river or pond for cooling. data centres google

If you are more interested to know more about Google data centers look for this video –Inside A Google Data Center– and Google Datacenters– in YouTube. Here is a tool to check data centers.  Google Data Centers Analysis Tool, it Check your rankings on 17l Google data centers at once.

data centre tool

Another interesting fact that there are millions of result for each query but only 1000 or less are only ever displayed. Most user’s don’t go beyond the second search page, only a few uses the advanced search facility to show 100 results on first page. So for SEO it is a crucial thing to drive traffic.


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