We all have a big mega bites of Photo collections in our personal electronic devices. Arranging, organizing and keeping it secure is becomes a huge problem, because of the number, file formats and file sizes. Thanks to the technology, you can now easily back up your photos and organize it effectively using new tools. You can backup unlimited photos and videos for free, and access them from any phone, tablet, or computer.

Searching Photos

Google Photos – a cloud photo store application, helps you to store your photos in the cloud and allow you to access from all your devices. You can group your photos into logical groups-as albums. You can search by date, faces and objects in the picture. Your photos are organized and searchable by the places and things in them, so no separate tagging required. For example you want to search your ‘Dog’s’ photos, just search “dog”, the app will find all the photos of your dog!

Albums and Sharing Photos

You can pool photos with friends and family using shared albums. You can send the link of an album to any of your friends and invite them to contribute with their own pictures and make comments.

Backup and Syncing Photos

You can take a backup of your photos in the Google Photos backup in two ways, from the desktop app or using a smartphone app. You can upload and store files from any folder on your computer, camera, and SD cards in the cloud using Backup and Sync application (download Backup and Sync). Google compresses the photos without losing it’s quality. To backup photos from your smartphone download the app from iOS App store or Android Play store, and enable/turned on the ‘Backup & Sync’ option. Now your smartphone photos will be automatically backed up to the Google Photos. Running out of phone memory? This app can calculate how much space on your phone would be saved by deleting files from your local storage. You don’t worry about your photos, they’re already backed up to your Google Photos.

Edit Your Photos

You can transform your photos with an intuitive and powerful photo- and video-editing tool to apply content-aware filters, adjust lighting and more. You can make simple movies, animations and collages from your images or videos by selecting the items you want and click the “+” option on top of the screen, and choose the action you want to try.


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