It is pretty clear that Google’s Gmail and Chrome browser gaining momentum among netizens. Gmail is become one of the best email solution available on the internet. The simple and clean interface, spam filter and chatting capability made it the winner in the email provider category. In Gmail we can add custom themes, we can change the layout of the inbox. We can also enhance the inbox with powerful tools available in the ‘Labs’ section like ‘Multiple inbox’.  Like others I am also a big fan of Gmail and I arranged my Gmail inbox using ‘Multiple inbox’, which gave me enough freedom to arrange emails based on interest. It will give enough freedom to assign labels to emails and can arrange emails in different folders. This feature helped us to organize emails. But it required some manual sorting to arrange the emails based on interest.

Finally, Gmail had come with a new idea to use tab to arrange emails. The new tabbed inbox organizes email into five optional tabs. The tabs are primary, social, promotions, updates and forums. You choose the tabs you want. So each kind of email will fall under specific tab. These new tabbed arrangement make it easy to read messages.  This will really simplify the email reading experience.  Handling the email becomes more easier with the new tabs, if you want to move a message to a different tab,  simply drag and drop email into the tab that you want. To display a message in the primary tab, just star a message. This starred message will show right in the primary tab which ensures that you don’t lose sight of it.  You can arrange a sender in a particular tab, so the emails from him will always appear only in that tab. Your primary tab is shown when you open your Gmail, you can access other tabs from there. The new Gmail inbox is also available in Gmail’s official mobile apps on Android 4.0+ devices as well as the iPhone and iPad.


Wondering how to set the new tabbed Gmail interface. Simple,first go to the settings (which is displayed using a gear symbol).Then select the ‘Configure Inbox’ option from the drop down list as appears on the above screenshot. Now you will be welcomed with a popup box. You can see the tab settings in the box. Gmail allows five different tabs to be set up on the inbox-primary, social, promotions, updates and forums. You can select the desired tabs from the popup box and ‘save’ settings once you are done.



Now the tabbed interface is active and you will be noticed the five tabs appears on the inbox as shown like in the below figure. The ‘Primary’ tab is the default tab, where the important messages and stared messages will appear. The next one is ‘Social’, the social messages from Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest and Twitter are displayed here. You can get a quick look at the number of messages receive on each tab and from where the emails are received. The third tab is ‘Promotions’, the offers and promotions are appeared on this tab. You eBay and Google offers are appeared in this tab. The update tab displays updates from sites.


Did you tested the new tabbed interface in Gmail? How is your experience? Do you have any suggestion to organize emails in a more better way in Gmail?


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