The scanner is an electronic device to scan and store images and documents into the digital files. There are different types of scanners available like document scanner, Image scanner, Check scanners, Receipt scanners, etc. A normal scanner can scan images and documents to a digital file. But if you need a high-resolution digital copy of a photo, an image scanner is suitable, it can scan high-resolution images into high-resolution digital files. You can connect the scanner to your computer and using the supporting driver and software you can scan images and documents to your computer. The photo scanners ensure high-resolution sharp and vivid images from your film, slides, negatives, photos or documents. Now portable scanners are also available. They are lightweight single-sheet-fed document scanner with Optical character recognition (OCR) and document management software to create editable text and searchable PDFs. Canon ImageFormula portable scanner, Epson workforce portable sheet-fed document scanner, iScan portable scanner are some of the commercially available portable scanners.

After the popularity of smartphones, there is a list of apps available to scan documents using the mobiles inbuilt camera. The latest apps have enough resolution and clarity to print the scanned documents to paper. The versatility and portability make the document scanning apps to the most downloaded apps in the mobile App stores.

(Camscanner in Google Play store)
With Camscanner, you can use your phone camera to scan and digitize all kinds of documents like notes, invoices, discussions, receipts, business cards, certificates, etc. The smart cropping and auto enhancing feature help to crop and enhance the texts and graphics in scanned documents to more clear and sharp. The inbuilt optical character recognition (OCR) feature recognizes texts in document images and extracts them from images for searching, editing or sharing. Finally, you can easily share documents in PDF or JPEG format through social media or send as an attachment through email. I am using the paid version to scan documents and noticed that the paid version offers more features and better clarity.

Fast Scanner
(Fastscanner in Google Play store)
Fast Scanner converts your Android smartphone into a scanner for scan documents, receipts, notes, invoices, business cards, other paper documents. You can save the scanned documents into PDF files in your mobile phone or can share through email or using other apps. You can easily add new pages or delete existing pages from the PDF file. Currently, I am using the paid version of this app to scan documents, these tiny apps produce neat and clean scanned documents without any work. Open the app, click the photo button in the app, just place the phone above the document.

Tiny Scanner
(Tiny Scanner in Google Play store)
Tiny Scanner is a tiny scanner app that converts your Android phone into a portable document scanner to scan everything as images or PDF files.

You can find a number of scanner apps in the Google Play store. The Camscanner premium version offers more features, while Fast scanner is lightweight and offers better quality black and white documents.


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