Blogger is a person who regularly writes material for a blog. A professional blogger is someone makes their living from blogging. A blogger writes blogs or posts for a blog. A vlogger is a person who regularly posts short videos to a video blog. A video blog or video log is a type of blog through which the creator is giving a visual insight into his opinions or interests through short videos. A video blogger makes videos and posts them on the internet. A blogger writes an article about a specific topic and the people read the articles over the internet like a magazine or a newspaper. A vlogger creates short videos on a topic and shared it through vlogging platforms or through his own vlogging website. People can watch vlogs like a TV show.

The blog is a website contains stories or posts in written format. A vlog is a blog but contains videos instead of the written content. Blog and vlog are a diary or a journal to communicate with their readers. Vlogging becomes popular with the rise of YouTube. Blogging becomes popular in 2004 after the introduction of popular blogging platform WordPress in 2003.

Vlogging requires a camera or a camera phone to shoot videos and editing software is needed to edit your videos. People love watching videos and can view them on the go. Visual content performs better than written content. Vlogs have the ability to broadcast events in realtime and the audience can interact through live chat. There are some advantages of vlogging over blogging. Vlogs are more attractive and easy to understand than the written content. But vlog is unchangeable once it is published on the internet.

Have you heard of Podcasts? Podcasts are digital audio files made available on the Internet for downloading to a computer or mobile device. Podcasts are audio or video recordings of a lecture, a performance or an event arranged as episodes. A blog is designed for reading, a Vlog is designed for watching, a Podcast is designed for listening. Plogger is a person combines jogging with picking up litter.

Blog or Vlog or Podcast: Which one is for you?
A blog is an online diary or journal. A blog contains texts, images, and videos. A blog is an ideal way to share your thoughts and opinion. Vloggers can create vlogs in different styles, like documenting daily life events, tutorial videos, game reviews, product reviews, and quick tips to do something. Viewers naturally develop a personal bond with the vlogger than a blogger. You can create a beautiful blog by using a blogging platform like Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, or Wix. You can host your own blog website by purchasing a hosting account. You can use any free popular blogging Content Management Systems (CMS) platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Ghost, or Drupal to build your own self hosted blogging system. To set up a vlog system, you can use Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Twitch, etc. If you are planning to build a video on demand system like Netflix, Uscreen helps you to sell your videos online. You can upload any type of content file, like videos, documents, PDFs, text, images, presentations, webinars and live streaming content to Uscreen. You can set up subscriptions, fixed-price, or rental models at any rate you want. You can design your website from different themes.


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