Do you have a Nokia mobile phone and get boarded by using your old theme? Do you want to create your own theme or want to customize it? We know that there are a few hundreds of sights available for downloading such themes. You can download easily such ready made themes from those sites. The only thing you want to do is after downloading theme just apply the theme to enable it. Here I am mentioning not about those old wines packed in new bottles. You can add your own theme like using your own photos, your own icons, using your pets photos or adding anything that you want to see always, or want to create a theme with your photos and do you want to surprise your friends with the theme or want to share your creation with your loved once. Then this article is really meant for you.

You can do it using different way,

Series 40 Theme Studio

Those who really dare to create their own Series 40 Theme, go for Series 40 Theme Studio which allows you to do that.The Windows -based application – an official Nokia software package – lets you change virtually every part of your display, from the folder icons to the battery indicator. You can tweak colors, change fonts and add custom pictures to set your phone apart from the rest.

Now, how to deal with the software, the user interface is split into two halves which is shown in the above picture – the left containing a menu of all the things you can change, and the right a live preview window displaying the current state of the theme. The degree you can customize your device really is limited only by your imagination. Actually, it’s also limited by your patience because the user interface in the Series 40 Theme Studio isn’t very user friendly. The menus are cluttered and poorly-labeled and this program doesn’t have a drag-and-drop functionality.

Here you can watch a YouTube video describing how to create theme with the Nokia theme creator. You can play with the controls. You can change the color of the surface or bring a new image to your screen. In addition there are icons and buttons, battery indicators, message receipt functions and volume controls built in. A preview shows you how your new design will also look giving you complete control over your phone.

Download Nokia Theme studio


Carbide.ui is a freeware which has been designed with the creative professional in mind. It enables the S60 and Series40 UIs (user interface) to be customized with full WYSIWYG layout and without the need for layout definition, coding, or specialized mobile-design experience. In addition, Carbide.ui can be integrated with a wide range of creative graphic and audio packages, enabling designers to work with their favorite tools.

Creating the graphics and sounds for themes is straightforward. Each Carbide.ui tool can link in your favorite bitmap-, vector graphics-, and audio-editing applications, enabling you to use the tools you already know.Once you’ve created a theme, you can use Carbide.ui to package and, in the case of a Symbian theme, sign your theme. Used with Nokia Suite, Carbide.ui enables you to automatically deploy a theme package to a phone for testing.

The above YouTube video tutorial will teach you how to create a Nokia S60 theme with the Carbide.ui. Carbide.ui Theme Edition enables creation of S60 Audio themes. Audio themes are supported on some of the S60 3rd Edition, Feature Pack 1 and later devices, such as the Nokia 5700 Xpress Music phone. Once a theme has been created, Carbide.ui can be used to package the theme into an installation file and prepare it for Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) digital rights management (DRM) protection, if required, after which it will be ready for deployment to devices.

Supported Platforms:
Series40 3rd Edition;
Series40 5th Edition;
Series40 5th Edition, Feature Pack 1;
S60 2nd Edition;
S60 2nd Edition, Feature Pack 1;
S60 2nd Edition, Feature Pack 2;
S60 2nd Edition, Feature Pack 3;
S60 3rd Edition;
S60 3rd Edition, Feature Pack 1;
S60 3rd Edition, Feature Pack 2;
S60 5th Edition.

Customizing an existing theme

There is also a shortcut available to customize an existing theme. Obtain an .nth Nokia theme and change, say the “x.nth” file’s extension from “.nth” to “.zip” in order to get “” instead of “x.nth”. Extract content with a file extractor software like 7zip or WinRAR. Now you can see the files associated with the theme. After editing achieve it in to “.zip” file and change the archive’s extension from “.zip” to “.nth”. Done !

What’s your opinion about using such theme editors? Which one you prefer to create your own themes? Do you have any idea t create themes in any other way? If you created a nice theme with it, don’t forget to include links to the theme in your comments.


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