This is the age of social media, the rise of internet paved the way for developing new social media platforms. There are thousands of contents are being posted every minute. Now, social media becomes a crowded place, so it is very difficult to stand up from the crowd. You should grab the attention of your viewers and keep them focused on your brand. To grow the audience consistency is important. To grab the viewer’s attention eye-catching graphics and the proper selection of colors is important. You should choose beautiful typography, provide a call to action to engage your visitors.

The power of visuals has a key role in garbing the viewers attention. You need to customize the social media graphics with icons, images, and illustrations. If you are not a graphic designer it may not an easy task for you to design visually appealing graphics for your social media accounts. Spending too much time to design graphics will spoil your time to produce new contents. Don’t worry there are a number of online and offline visual graphic design tools to create beautiful social media graphics. They have vast social media graphics templates library, tons of images, illustration, icons and fonts that fits your specific needs. Here are some solution that I used to create graphics for my social media accounts.

(Canva website)
If you have a decent internet connection, online graphics editors are the best choice. As it offers tons of free templates, millions of free images, videos, illustrations, icons, and fonts for your project. Canva is a graphic design platform founded in 2012. Canva has tons of templates, posters, logos, presentations, flyers, cards, infographics, business cards, Instagram stories, and zoom virtual backgrounds. The first search for best templates, graphics, photos, fonts, then use the drag and drop editor to create your design.

(Snappa Website)
The best thing in Snappa is the image dimensions for social media. You can choose the image dimension that is available as clickable presets for display ads, blogs, emails, and infographics. You can choose from thousands of pre-made professional templates that can attract more attention, clicks, and customers. It also offers a vast library of fonts, vectors, shapes, and photo effects. You can also share your graphics on Facebook, Twitter, and other popular social media platforms without leaving Snappa.

(Bannersnack Website)
Like other graphic editors, you can start from a custom size or can start from a standard-size layout from their gallery. Add background, animate text, shapes, and experiment with different colors to obtain stunning graphics. You can download your work as JPG, PNG, HTML5, GIF, AMP HTML (AMP HTML ads are faster, lighter, and secure), PDF, or can share them on social media or can embed them into your website.

Graphic Design Studio
(Summitsoft Website)
Create beautiful graphic designs and vector illustrations on your PC using Graphic design studio. You can create your own professional looking graphics with easy-to-use design tools in the Graphic design studio. The flexible, open canvas allows you to create graphics in any size and any amount of detail that you need. There are hundreds of professionally-created design Inspirations to help get you started.

You can create graphics using free image editors like GIMP, Paint.NET, Inkscape, or using paid software like illustrator, Photoshop, etc. But there is a learning curve, as the image editors are intended to manipulate images there are no readymade templates or illustrations to quickly create a graphic for your social media account. The online tools are designed for social media accounts, so you don’t know the exact size of the image for different social media accounts, just click the size or account that you want.

When comparing to image editing programs, online image editors are easy to use, as it supports a drag-drop interface. Canva offers free, pro, and enterprise versions. Snappa’s free version allows only 3 downloads per month, want to design more go for the pro plan, it offers unlimited download per month. There is a Team plan for team collaboration. The free version of Bannersnack allows you to create and edit up to 10 designs. If you want more you can go for a starter, pro, or plus version.


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