GIF is an image format commonly used in the Web and Sprites in Software programs. Graphics Interchange Format (GIF), is a bitmap image format, the images are compressed using a lossless image compression technique that reduces file size without degrading the visual quality. GIF’s supports animation, that is now more popular on the web. There are several tools available to create GIF files from photos and videos.

Giphy offers a GIF maker for creating GIFs. You can create GIF from multiple images or you can trim your videos into a GIF. Just upload the photo or videos to Giphy to make GIFs.

Makeagif is another online tool to make GIF files. You can create GIFs from photos, Youtube videos, Facebook video URL, videos and from webcams. Select an option to create GIF using that method.

Using Imgflip, you can create animated GIF images from video files, Youtube, video websites, images, pictures. You can add text and images to your GIF and can crop, rotate, resizing, reverse, add sound, add motion to the text and images in GIFs.

You can create animated GIFs in free software using Animated Image plugin. In GIF you can save a series of images that can move from one image to next to display the animation. You can create a simple animation using a GIF in GIMP. Gimp (GNU Image Manipulation Program ) is a free cross-platform image editor. If you are a fan of Adobe Photoshop, you can create stunning GIF animation like the one shown above using this Photoshop tutorial.


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