If you are not a native speaker, you may experience difficulty in writing and proofreading something in English. You may learn the nuts and bolts of the English grammar, the methods of using prepositions, and learn the technique to write something meaningfully and effectively. It is a time consuming and tedious task. If you are not good at picking up new skills, the job becomes tough. For some people, they need to write something for their work, like thesis or paper writing, content creation for websites, article writing for magazines, creative writing, business letters preparation, so on…

Thanks to technology, there are some tools available to support you in your writing task. A grammar checker is an essential tool to correct grammatical errors by reading your text. It looks for subject-verb agreement, missing punctuation, punctuation misuse, and other mistakes. It provides proper corrections to be made based on the types of grammar errors detected. Just imagine that a pair of eyes and a brain (having all the essential knowledge in English grammar) is watching you from behind when you write something in English. Telling you the mistakes made by you as you write or type. Giving suggestions, and advice for making the sentence to make it grammatically correct.

Yes, it is not a joke or a daydream. There are some tools existed to assist you in writing. Grammarly is one such tool to help you to write something better. It is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered tool to analyze the typed text and to give proper suggestions based on your writings. As you type on the screen, Grammarly checks your text for common writing issues. The tool checks grammatical errors, subject-verb agreement, the article used, contextual spelling mistakes, phonetic spelling mistakes, and irregular verb conjugations. Grammarly offers synonyms to make your writing more readable. Grammarly’s AI-powered tool helps you to write something effectively. Grammarly has a paid upgrade version with over 400 types of checks and features; Grammarly Premium. This paid version provides more detailed checks for grammatical errors, provides vocabulary enhancement suggestions, detects plagiarism, and provides citation suggestions.

If you installed Grammarly on your web browser as an extension, it automatically checks everything as you type. The errors are marked with a red color underline, that makes it easy to spot and fix errors. When the document is being checked, the Grammarly Assistant icon moves in a circle to indicate that checking is in progress. Grammarly will continue checking along with your writing. If there’s a mistake in your text or document, red or yellow underlines appears. Click on the underlined word, you will see the Grammarly’s suggestions for that word. In the free version, you can only see the red underline.

If you have a Premium version, you can easily check the document for plagiarism. To check Plagiarism, click Plagiarism option in the lower right corner.

Do you want to proofread your documents by human proof-readers than an automatic robot? Grammarly also offers human-powered proofreading. You can send your document to a professional proofreader with a single click. The software allows multiple proofreaders to work on your document simultaneously. All you want to do is, just submit your document for proofreading by selecting the ‘Human Proofreader’ option in the lower right corner of the page.

My Experience with Grammarly
Grammarly helped me a lot to do the essential grammatical corrections. The software spots the mistakes and gives us suggestions to improve the writing. The free version is very effective to clear basic grammatical, spelling and punctuation mistakes. It is an essential tool for writers, bloggers, and academicians. Anyone can do some necessary corrections on their thesis, article papers, and their creative works. Based on my experience it is a recommended buy if you a writer or at a stage of your thesis or article correction. You can purchase a month’s plan if you have a time-bounded job. You can install the free version to just check it’s the capability and to correct the basic grammar mistakes.

Now, you will get a price reduction on Grammarly premium plans as part of their promotion, you will get the monthly plan at 29.95$, the annual plan at 11.66$, but you have to pay it as a one-time payment to enjoy the annual scheme benefit. You can create an account in Grammarly to use Grammarly free proofreading service to correct your English grammar mistakes.


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