Today I am going to show you a tip, which I am using from nearly one months back. Before going to explain it  I have a question? When you open your browser which page(s!) welcomes you. If it is in my system, I will see a big number of tabs that I was used in my last browsing. Okay, there is a bookmark tool is there, but not only me but lot of people (possibly you) do the same thing. So I decided to change the appearance of the page, and searched for some plugins. As I am using Google chrome (which is my current favorite, earlier, opera-on slow connections, then Mozilla, then safari, finally reached chrome) , there is some plugins/extensions are available to do it.

Incredible Start Page

This is the first one and the best one I am going to introduce to you. This is a new, customizable start page for Chrome. Easily find your favorite bookmarks and closed tabs with this start page and you can take notes as you browse. Some of the main features are notepad sync. You can post notes to Google Apps accounts. You can use custom gradient as background, but the bundled default wallpaper helps a faster loading of chrome at startup. There is a recently closed tab options. In front panel you can see two side boxes one with a name ‘closed’-shows recently closed tabs, and next to it is the bookmark tab. You can easily post to Gmail or Google calendar. There is also a link to theme options and advanced options on the start page. You can change the fond and give your Google settings to synchronize with Google apps. In theme options you can change the background color, change wall paper, change font and font color. Is it really incredible !


You can download incredible start page from here.

My Start Page
This is another one Chrome Start Page extension. You can select background and urls (20 URLs).The second picture shows the options
page and the first one is its actual appearance. You can change the wallpaper and colors.
CST CST options
You can download My start page from here.

Things to Do

If you don’t like the decorative start page, you only needs what things to do, when you opens the browser or next, here is the tool for you- things to do start page. This extension has a few features, but it helps you to manage your to do list really well. You can move items up and down by dragging the bullet on the left side.You can edit any item or the title by clicking on them and can navigate through your items when editing them with tab or shift tab.Use the options page to customize the colors and size of the to-do list.

You can download it from here.ttd

Empty New page

Don’t want everyone to see your speed dial page?  Constantly tempted with your  favorite websites when you’re working? Oh!  then you don’t want anything no bookmark and no tabs, nothing. Ya, there is another extension for you, it really suits to you. It is an empty start page-blank one ! It is specially for those who don’t want to worry which recently visited pages show up on the new tab page, who prefer plain over noisy, simple over complex. If you are using a public browser, then it is better, which never speaks itself to others, what we are doing on the internet !

emptyc You can find some more extensions related the start page. Whatever extension you use is not the thing, how effectively you use that’s the thing. Which extension you are using and how you organize it and optimize it. If you send the screen capture of your chrome start page to us, if it is a nice one we will publish it below this post. So get ready to show your skills, and don’t forget to tell us how you did it, we will add it also below the image.

You can download it from here.


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