These days everyone has at least one social media account. The most popular social media site right now is Facebook, which has 2.4 million active subscribers right now. As per statistics, 6 new profiles created every second. But still, we don’t know enough about Facebook features and applications. 47% of Facebook users access the platform through their mobile app. Sometimes we access our site through the Facebook website, sometimes through mobile apps. There is a great chance to close the web browser without logging out from the Facebook account. Almost everyone does the same mistake, knowingly or unknowingly. Actually it opens up a way to access our account to others if we are using a public computer. The account is still accessible by anybody without logging in to the account!

So you want to know how many devices are logged into your account right now. That means the number of times we logged in and exit without logged out from that device. You can find the active sessions that you were logged in and still do not logged out from Settings>Security>Where You’re Logged In. The devices are displayed under Where You’re Logged In.

In my case, you can see from the above screenshot only one device is logged into my account, that is my Windows PC. You can see the device location, next to it. At present, I trashed the Facebook app from my phone and using Facebook only from my desktop computer. Through this, I can save a lot of time and my battery backup! I don’t think scrolling through social media feeds wasting our valuable time. Instead of checking our work updates or emails, we spend much of our time reading (scrolling) through infinite number of notifications and posts. I am planning to write a post on how to stop yourself from wasting time on your phone to make us more productive.


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