Are you a writer or an author or want to write and publish an ebook about some popular topics? Definitely, you need good writing and editing software to complete your work. Here I am going to check some writing tools for you, that will definitely boost your productivity.

Microsoft Word
This is the first tool I am recommending to every writer due to its simplicity and familiarity.  Microsoft Word doesn’t need any introduction, it is a word processor developed by Microsoft. You can create, edit and proofread documents using the famous word software.

Focuswriter offers a simple, distraction-free writing environment. This tool utilizes a hide-away interface that you access by moving your mouse to the edges of the screen, allowing the program to have a familiar look and feel to it while still getting out of the way so that you can immerse yourself in your work. The software is available for Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X, and has been translated into many different languages.

Scrivener is easy to use an app for writers, used by best-selling novelists, screenwriters, non-fiction writers, students, academics, lawyers, journalists, translators, and others. After writing you can compile everything into a single document for printing, self-publishing, or exporting to popular formats such as Word, PDF, Final Draft or plain text.

Pages is a powerful word processor that lets you create good-looking documents. You can even use Apple Pencil on your iPad to add comments and illustrations by hand. You can choose from over seventy beautiful Apple-designed templates, and customize your document any way you like.

Google Docs
Google Docs is a free online tool from Google. It brings your documents to life with smart editing and styling tools to format text and paragraphs easily. You can choose from hundreds of fonts, add links, images, and drawings to your documents for free.

Freedom blocks distractions across all your Mac, Windows, and iOS devices so you don’t have to fight off the temptation of distracting pings, notifications, headlines, and emails. Block what you want, when you want, across all your devices.

yWriter is a word processor which breaks your novel into chapters and scenes, helping you keep track of your work. It will suggest plot ideas for you or perform creative tasks of any kind.

Open Office
Apache OpenOffice is a good open-source office software suite for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, and databases. It is available in many languages and works on all common computers.

The next two apps are designed for spelling and grammatical correction, to make your writing error-free. These apps are the best friends of non-native writers.

WhiteSmoke offers the highest quality proofreading abilities available, correcting not only simple spelling mistakes like old fashioned word processors, but everything from grammar, word choices and even style mistakes. This is one of the best tools for English grammar checking including, style, spelling and punctuation corrections.

Hemingway App
The Hemingway Editor clears your writing. It highlights wordy sentences in yellow and more egregious ones in red. Hemingway helps you write by highlighting adverbs, passive voice, and dull, complicated words. Hemingway app can easily integrate with tools like Medium and WordPress blogs (hosted on or self-hosted). So you can publish a draft or live post, right from the Hemingway Editor.

Grammarly makes sure everything you type is clear, effective, and mistake-free. Grammarly scans your text for common and complex grammatical mistakes, spanning everything from subject-verb agreement to article use to modifier placement. This is one of the best-recommended apps for writers to create stunning documents without grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. Grammarly premium offers some advanced features like the genre-specific writing style, correcting unclear sentence structure, giving alternatives to frequently appearing words, give a replacement for bland words, easy deletion of unnecessary words and checking for plagiarism.

You can make your English grammar mistakes free with grammar correcting apps, you can check to Make your English Clear, Effective, and Mistake-free apps.

Now, Grammarly is offering the service as free to try, the free version only checks the critical grammar and spelling mistakes. The Grammarly premium plans offer vocabulary enhancement suggestions, readability, Genre-specific writing styles checks, plagiarism detector.


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