Do you want to speak peoples across the world in their own language? Wondered how to get communicate with locals, order food, and how to call taxi service in an unknown location. Do you want to find the name of the dish available on a hotel menu? You don’t want to learn a new language before going to your next trip, simply install any of these apps on your phone to communicate with people using text, voices, and images.

Google translate
(Google Translate App)
Google translate allows translating to 103 languages by typing. You can translate without any internet connection. The instant camera translation allows you to translate text in images by pointing your camera to the object. You can do a speech translation using your phone.

(iTranslate App)
iTranslate is a free translator and dictionary app to translate text or for voice-to-voice conversations in over 100 languages. The Offline Mode allows you to translate while you are traveling.

Microsoft Translator
(Translator website | Translator App)
Microsoft Translator is a translation app that can translate text, voice, conversations, camera photos, and screenshots. You can download languages for offline translation for your travel purpose. The voice translation allows translate speech, the split-screen mode allows two participants to have a bilingual conversation.

Google Assistant interpreter mode
Google Assistant has a new interpreter mode that translates your conversations in real-time. To enable the feature, ask the Google Assistant to, “Hey Google, be my French interpreter” or “Hey Google, help me speak Spanish”.


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