Technology is rapidly changing, more and more devices come every day with unlimited possibilities in a tiny structure. In those golden old days, things are big, huge video cameras, still cameras, radios everything looks pretty huge. Now from mobile phones to video capturing devices are packed inside even a button-sized enclosure that offers stunning picture and video clarity better than the old big devices. People may say, technology is good, but at some point, it may become dangerous to one’s privacy. For example, a few years back, if you are going on a vacation, there is no chance where you are. Now, even if you wouldn’t take your traveling pictures or videos, you will be in some other pictures or videos without knowing, while visiting some picnic spots or at some tourist destinations. When they are uploading their photos to their social networking accounts, your face is become public! A face recognistion tools can easily spot you!

If you are worried about your privacy and want to investigate any hidden cameras are fixed to steal your private moments, there are some tips to save your life from prying eyes!

Manual Checking
First look for any visual evidence like wires, lenses, false lights, etc. If you are going for a vacation, through a detailed check-up of your room, you can find some suspicious wires, lights, lenses of some hidden spy cameras. There are some charges that mimic the original one but carrying a spy camera in its heart. If you notice some unusual power outlets or adapters, you can unplug them.

Turn off Light in Your Room
You can easily find hidden devices in dark conditions. The hidden security cameras have red or green LEDs. You can easily notice the blinking or shining of the LED in a low-light condition. In low-light, the IR LEDs around the camera lens will turn on automatically to produce clear night vision images.

Use Your Cell Phone
Make a phone call with your friends or family, ask him or them to hold the line, and put the phone in loudspeaker mode. Walk around the room and listen for any electrical interference. Hidden surveillance system gives off a radio frequency that would interfere with your phone call signal. The noise-like buzzing, pop, or cracks sounds may indicate the presence of a hidden device. If you notice any signal interference in a specific location, stop and check this place to find out any hidden devices there.

Use Radio Frequency (RF) Detectors
The RF signal detectors is highly useful to locate hidden security cameras.The devices are readily avaible offine and online.

Install Apps on Your Smart Phone
You can install apps like, ‘detect hidden cameras’ app on your iPhone or Android mobile phones. Then just launch the app, the detector software will display a red glow when your smartphone approaches a hidden camera. Sometimes this may glow when near any hardware using some radio frequency. You can use hidden camera detector, spy camera detector, or any similar app from Play store. You can use the radiation meter option in spy camera detector app to detect hidden spycam. The hidden camera app has a magnetometer feature that analyses the magnetic activity around the device. If magnetic activity seems similar to that of a camera, the app will beep and raise alarm. But magnetometer feature needs to have a magnetic sensor in your phone, otherwise it won’t work. This app has a tool which detects infrared lights. Open the infrared detector and scan for white light that appears on screen but not visible by naked eye. Such white light indicates infrared light and it could be infrared camera.


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