Emails are one of the few marketing channels to build an authentic connection with others to keep the business and conversation alive. Email helps to build an existing relationship with your customers or subscribers to provide valuable and relevant information for taking action.

How To start
Email marketing is a method of targeting an audience or customers through email campaigns. Email marketing is best to build a connection and to build a relationship through personalized messages. It is also a way to promote products and services. The first step is to get permission from your users to get started with email campaigns. Then build an email list. To get permission you can offer something free or can provide product updates. You should establish your credibility and send only relevant emails to the users.

Design email campaigns
Before jumping into it, think about your goals and what you really want to achieve with email. Even schools and institutions can also create email campaigns to get updates and news to their students. You can also send announcements campaign to announce product, feature or service that you are going to offer soon. The event invitation emails are campaigns to inform people about an event and encourage people to attend.

Build your Email list
You can collect emails, get permission from the owners to receive emails, then build your email list, offer incentives to scale up your email list. The email newsletters are regularly distributed email campaigns, the campaigns are sent as daily, weekly or monthly basis offering content related to a specific topic that the users want to hear about.

The role of email templates
You can start quickly with pre-built email templates. The templates can be customized using any HTML code editor. There are a number of sites offering free email templates. The templates are responsive, customizable and can be optimized.

Creating a successful campaign
The attention span of a user is about eight seconds. The user won’t read the entire campaign word by word, instead, they scan through the email to find something of interest. So, text-heavy emails are not good for successful email campaigns. The email structure should be arranged in such a way that by reading the email content the users are automatically guided towards the call to action of the email. It is a good idea to use images and visuals to boost audience engagement. The readers are interested in real content that is most relevant to their interests. Start the emails by adding their name. The timing of the campaigns is also important, flooding of too much content and emails is not good. Mobile devices are gaining more and more traction, so your email campaigns should be mobile friendly.

Email marketing automation
The automated email campaigns are a series of emails sent automatically. the automated emails get click rates higher than broadcast emails. For example, an automated birthday email offer can increase conversion rates over a non-timed email. there are a number of email automation tools are available for list building, sending, tracking, monitoring, and testing email campaigns. Optinmonster, Aweber, Convertkit are some of the industry-leading email marketing solutions to build your list, send emails and to connect with your audience. They are also offering beautiful email templates to create an email campaign in seconds. You can automate emails based on audience behavior.


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