The word Internet of Things or IoT gaining momentum in recent years. In layman terms, IoT refers to a number of physical devices that are connected to the internet to collect and share data. It is a system of interrelates computing device with a unique identifier (UID) that can transfer data over a network without human interaction. IoT spread its wings to devices that are used in home automation, wearable technology, connected health, and remote monitoring systems.

Now we are familiar with home automation techniques that can control lighting, heating, air conditioning, and security systems. It’s the way of connecting different objects with sensors that can communicate real-time data without human intervention. The concept of the internet of things started in 1982, a modified Coca-Cola vending machine at Carnegie Mellon University becoming the first internet-connected appliance, this device could report the newly loaded drinks were cold or not. Kevin Ashton coined the phrase Internet of Things in 1999.

Why IoT is important?
The scope of the internet of things is huge. If a manufacturer adds some sensors on their products that can transmit data back about how they are performing, the manufactures can monitor the efficiency of their products. The devices with built-in sensors are connected to an IoT platform that can collect and analyze data to share valuable information from the device.

With the Internet of Things, we can connect everyday objects like Kitchen appliances, house monitors, thermostats to the internet through embedded systems to make seamless connections between the devices and process. The IoT wearable products help us to understand our own health and the physicians can remotely monitor their patients. In the automotive sector, the vehicles with sensors can monitor equipment failures on the road and can alert the driver about the details. The temperature, light, motion, moisture, air quality sensors in a home can automatically collect information from the environment and can make more intelligent decisions. IoT can use in elder care, the sensors can monitor medical emergencies in case of falls or seizures. IoT can use in transportation systems for smart traffic control, smart parking, logistics, electronic toll collection, vehicle control, fleet management, and road assistance. In agriculture collecting data on humidity, temperature, wind speed, soil content, and a pest infestation can be used to automate farming. The environment monitoring tools can monitor air, water quality and can measure atmospheric or soil conditions. IoT can monitor energy-consuming devices and can optimize energy conception by controlling the device.

You can control your home through your smartphone, tablet, or computer by your voice.

The major trend of IoT is the growth in devices that can be connected and controlled by the internet. There are a number of devices already in the market that can connect and work through the internet. Google Home Controller is an IoT device, alarms, lights, thermostats, volume control, media, and other functions can be controlled by your voice. Amazon echo plus voice controller is capable of play songs, do phone calls, set alarms, and timers, ask questions, check the weather, and can manage household instruments through users’ voices. There are a number of air quality monitors available like Foobot, that can measure indoor pollution. The IoT connected smoke alarms can alerts you on your mobile phone about any emergencies in your home. The IoT enabled lighting systems like Philips Hue, can control the light condition and can turn off all your lights with one tap. The smart lock like August smart lock can control your home door right from your phone from anywhere. It can track activity, so you can track who is coming and going at your doorstep.


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