You’re tracked by your internet service provider,by your favourite search engines, by the websites you’re visiting, by your government and tons of data collectors when you are online. Your browsing history is easily accessible after closing the browsing windows. To track your personal information, companies adopt several methods like Cookies, IP address, Flash cookies, HTML 5 storage, Fingerprinting,etc.  If you are more conscious about your privacy and search related information from peeping eyes, you can use the following methods to protect your privacy.

Duckduckgo is the latest search engine offering privacy.  The search engine claims the site doesn’t track you. They are claiming that they protect your search history from everyone, even from the search engine itself.

StartPage  is a  custom search engine that combines results  from Google search engine with total privacy. This site uses proxy links that open sites without leaving a trace, you can set it to automatically highlight your search words on the page when you click through.  It also offers better image searching, which lets you fine-tune results using size, colour and type filters. It also has instant Answers feature, where you can type questions to get answers within the search results. No user data is collected, so the results are unfiltered, as result you will get the full results.

Epic Browser
Epic is a simple and fast private browser offering better privacy. When you’re using Epic with their encrypted proxy on, your data is encrypted and hidden from the prying eyes. On close of Epic, there’s no easily accessible record of your browsing history left on your computer.

Using Incognito Mode of Your favourite browser
Most popular browsers have an incognito mode to enable private browsing. If you don’t want your browser to save a record of what you visit and download, you can browse the web privately in Incognito mode. Incognito mode opens a new window where you can browse the Internet in private mode without  saving information about the sites you visit.But incognito mode doesn’t offers 100% privacy, others can see some information in Incognito mode, but your Internet service provider, if you’re using a work computer-your employer, the websites you visit can see what sites you’ve visited in incognito mode. Various browser shortcuts to open Private/Incognito window is here:

Google Chrome: In control menu, you can open New Incognito tab in Chrome (Ctrl+Shift+N).

Internet Explorer: In main menu open InPrivate browsing (Ctrl+Shift+P) under security.

Opera: In main menu, you can open New  Private window (Ctrl+Shift+N).

Firefox: Click on the hamburger icon at the top right and then select New Private Window (CTRL + SHIFT + P).

Which method you are using your online life secure and private?


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