All of us interested in games, whenever we get free time we are happy to play some games. There are a number of games available online, but what you can do when you are offline. No internet connection? Nothing to do for a while other than sitting in front of your computer. Then don’t worry, you can try Chrome’s offline Dragon game.

If you are using the Google Chrome web browser and if you are offline (you can also disconnect from the internet to test yourself), you can see a Dinosaur sitting just above the warning ‘Unable to connect to the internet’. You can see the message ‘Google Chrome can’t display the web page because your computer isn’t connected to the internet.

Just above the message, you can see a Dinosaur sitting, now press the Space bar button to start the dragon game. Hitting the space bar button makes the Dinosaur to jumps over the obstacles. You can play the Dino runner game as long as you wish. If the dinosaur hits the obstacle then the Game over! The Dinosaur game is only available in offline mode. You need to turn off your internet connection to see the game.


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