Here in Coolefriend, we really  loved the cartoons-as it relives the tension and give us a long idea in a very sort way. The project cartoon  is a project, which helps you to create your own cartoon based on your idea. But there are some limitations- the cartoon scape is restricted to the project related cartoons. But it is a great idea to build cartoons easily. What we loved is, you can easily create your own version of the cartoon by drag-and-dropping the cells, than editing the captions. You can save your cartoon and you get a unique URL that you can bookmark and email. You can download a printable version of the PDF file can be downloaded from the site. The site provides translation of the cartoon in more than 17 languages. If the project is properly developed, users will get a nice experience to develop there own cartoons on various topics.


And the interesting part is you can create your own cartoon. To create a cartoon;

  • Drag-and drop cells to rearrange the cells.
  • Click on the captions to edit them.
  • To remove a cell, just leave the caption empty.

You can view sample cartoons like How Project really work cartoon, you can also check the how project really work cartoon version 2. What the thing we really loved is the idea, the interface and the methods of sharing the created cartoons. If the site is properly developed with more features, it will be a unique site for developing interesting cartoons. Based on this idea we are sharing this project with you. What’s your opinion? Anyways the project give us some ideas to write some articles related to sites for cartoon creation and sites to read free cartoons online. We hope, you can read the articles soon.


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