Office suites are essential for our daily life to prepare notes, presentations, and datasheets. But you need to spend a good amount of money to geta an Office suite. Within a year or two, the office suite gets an updated version, upgrading to a new version spoils some amount. So do you need some good office suites that don’t require any money to use for a lifetime with a free upgrade? Here are some office suites that you can test yourself to experience the user interface.

Libre Office
Libre Office is a powerful office suite with a clean and feature-rich interface. Libre office comes with a word processor (Writer), a spreadsheet (Calc), a presentation tool (Impress), a diagram and vector graphics tool (Draw), a formula editor (Math) and so on. Libre Office is compatible with Microsoft Word files (.doc, .docx), Excel files (.xls, .xlsx) and Powerpoint files (.ppt, .pptx) files.

Google Gsuite
Google suite has all the tools you need to bring your project to life. Docs is a document editor, you can create and edit text documents in your browser. Multiple people can work at the same time without any software installed on your computer. You can import Microsoft word file (.docx), pdf files, text files or HTML files. The sheet is a collaborative spreadsheet designed for collaborative projects. All changes are automatically saved and can undo the changes. Slides are for creating and edit the presentation in your browser. You can create a presentation from the template and can enhance with videos, images, drawings, and transitions.

Microsoft Office 365
In-Office 365, you can work with familiar Microsoft tools like Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Onenote, Outlook, Onedrive and more. Office 365 subscription offers the latest office apps and updates to the latest when they happen.

Apache Openoffice
Apache OpenOffice is an open Source office document productivity suite. It is compatible with major office suites. The writer is a word processor, Calc is a powerful spreadsheet, Impress is for creating a multimedia presentation. The draw is to create simple diagrams for 3D illustrations. Math is to create mathematical equations with a graphic user interface.

WPS Office
WPS Office provides the document, spreadsheets, presentation, PDF all in one window.

Softmaker Freeoffice
Free office comes with a word processor (Textmaker), a spreadsheet application (Planmaker) and a presentation application (Presentations). You can open and save documents in Microsoft file formats.

Some of them are completely free applications, some are free for viewing different files. Some works on a subscription model to extend its features and cloud support.


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