If you are new to the world of internet and not a geek, you may be heard about IP address and may not have any idea about what its role in networking.  The Internet Protocol Address (short from IP Address) is a unique address used by various electronic devices like computers, tablets, and smartphones; to identify itself and communicate with other devices in the network.  So any device connected to the network essentially need a unique address (IP address) to identify it within the network. This is equivalent to your telephone number or your house number which usually used in our general situations to uniquely identify an entity.

The IP Address that popularly using today is IPv4 address uses a 32-bit number to represent an IP address. It is a combination of network and host address. But a 32-bit number is capable of providing roughly 4 billion unique numbers. Now, IPv4 addresses running out as more devices are newly connected to the network. So a new version of the IP protocol (known as IPv6) has been evolved to give a limitless number of unique addresses.

Now, how to represent an IP address? An IPv4 address is divided into two parts: network and host address. The host address can further be divided into subnetwork and host number. IP address is usually written in ‘dotted decimal’ notation, means it is a 4 set number separated by period each set representing 8-bit number ranging from (0-255). An example, the IPv4 address is the IP address of Google.com.


This tool can use to geolocate an IP. IP geolocation is the mapping of an IP address to the geographic location of the internet from the connected device. By geographically mapping the IP address, you will get information about the country, state, city, zip code, latitude/longitude, ISP, area code, and other information.


Do you need to find the IP geolocation such as country, state, and the city where the visitor coming from? Get the visitors Internet Service Provider (ISP), internet speed, domain, connection type, postal code, area code, weather station and even mobile carrier information.

IP Tracker
With this IP Locator, you can find Domain, IP address location and search for additional information like reverse DNS, hostname, ASN, Nameservers, Timezone etc.

If you know the IP address of (IPv4 or IPv6) of an internet visitor or an intruder, you can get details about the country and the city from where the visitor is located. Enter the IP address in the column, just hit ‘Get Ip Details’, all the key information are instantly delivered.

There are similar tools available from Keycdn, Text magic geolocation, etc. are some of them.


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