Finding server location is important for SEO reason or for some other site optimization purposes. Most of us are curious about the speed of a site and it’s performance, to find the location of a site is important for our own site or another site in the case of search engine optimization and increase visitors to a site. If a site receives a lot of a visitors from a country and have less visitors from other countries, it is a good idea to serve the site files from that country, so the users will see the website fast than it serves from a  another country which is too far way. Some search engine results can be filtered by the geographical location of websites, so you have to optimize your sites to perform well on some local searches.


   To find the ip address and server location of a site there are some free tools available. 81solutions provided a free tool and this tool will find out the IP address of a website as well as website’s country (the hosting location of the site). This service is highly helpful if you want to see where the server of your hosting provider is located.

    To use this solution all you need is to enter the URL or IP for your website or the website that you want to find. The tools shows the server location on Google Maps. As the service uses the Google maps to display the location, you can even zoom to find the exact location (the street) inside the country and you can even find the street where it resides.

   Selseo is providing a tool to find the ip address of the website. You can use this service or can find hundreds of similar tools with Google. What you think about this tool? Can you find alternative solution for this tool?


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