In these days, we are all having cell phones with a powerful processor and a large display. The machine is efficient to do a lot of tasks, plus calling function.The power thirsty processor and battery eating large display may eat your battery capacity quickly. You will find trouble to recharge your battery, if you are travelling a lot. To avoid your cell phone to switch off you have to do something to save your batteries’ life.


Here are few tips that will definitely save your battery life.

1. Keep the screen timeout short

Suppose if your phone is take too much time to screen timeout (screen off), the screen will eat a lot of battery power. Some times, you just want to check something for a second, but the screen becomes idle for a long time, which will eat up your batter power. Instead of this, put your screen timeout time short, to do this, go to Phone’s display settings menu, find ‘Screen Timeout’ option or similar. (In iPhone, go to Auto-Lock in the General settings menu). On Android phones, the minimum timeout time is 15 seconds.Check your settings, if not reduce the timeout 15 seconds.In iPhone, the minimum you can set is 1 minute. This control tells the phone, how long the phone’s screen stays lit after receiving an input.
Do: Set your timeout to the shortest time available in your phone.

2. Turn the brightness to the lowest

If your Phone is equipped with auto-brightness feature, it will automatically adjusts the screen’s brightness to suit ambient lighting levels. This is a good feature, but if you need to save more battery turn your screen’s brightness down to the lowest setting. Keep the screen’s brightness at a comfortable level. If your smart phone battery start to show battery low warning, check the brightness of the screen and reduce the brightness, thus by you can use your phone more time without recharging. Another thing is use a black background because AMOLED screens use less power when comparing with a white background. Remember, to change animated wallpapers. Animated backgrounds will quickly drain your battery.

Do: Keep the screen’s brightness at a comfortable level, reduce the brightness if you need more time.


3. Turn unnecessary hardware radios off

The network services like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi will drain your battery very quickly. Turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, if you don’t need it. Check the WIFI, GPS, Bluetooth and infrared and keep them off. Turn on only once you need them.

Do: Turn off WI-FI, GPS, Bluetooth and infrared.

4. Check running apps in the background and Close Unnecessary Apps

Most of the smart phones now available in the market are equipped with Multitasking feature. Means it can run more than one app at a time. It is a good feature, you can run more than application at a time, but will also burns a lot of battery. The app running in the background uses phone’s processor. So, if you don’t want an app close it, don’t allow to run it in background.Leaving the application open will surely drain your battery faster.

Do: Close Unnecessary running apps in the background.

5. Turn off Vibrate

Most of us never noticed some settings in the user profile. There is a Normal mode, Silent mode and a Vibrate only mode. But in some phones the vibrate function will be there to inform you about incoming calls or notifications. Vibrate function uses additional battery power. So switch off the vibrate function and replace it with just ring tone.

Do: Turn off Vibrate, Use ringtone (instead keep the volume as low as possible).

6. Turn off Unwanted notifications
Most of the phones automatically displays updates, news, messages, and other phone related information. whenever a new information came to your phone, the phone will notice you by light up the phone screen and with a sound. These things consume energy, and the frequent messages and notification will eat a big part of the battery power.

Do: Turn off Unwanted notifications, updates, news, messages.

7. Look for Extra Power-saving modes or Use Power saving Apps
Most of the phones are equipped with battery saving feature, which will automatically actuated when your battery power reached a certain limit (in some phones you can adjust this limit-say, battery level drops to 20 percent). This feature prevent apps from running in the background,updating in background, automatically dim the phones’ screen, reduce the screen timeout, disable animated wallpapers, if enabled, and turn off vibration.

In addition to this ,there are some other advanced tricks to save your battery power,

If you are in an area with poor or no signal, the phone will constantly look for good connection, which will drain your battery fast. Check for perfect signal.  Another thing is do not  full charge and full discharge your phone. Lithium-based batteries is to be charged early and often, if you put it too low, it can damage the battery.

Finale:- Turn the phone off.

If your phone is running out of battery and you have to make a call on the next day, turn the phone to off. This is the most effective and simple way of conserving your battery’s power. Turning on/off a phone will use a massive amount of power itself. But to keep the battery life for a long time, keep the phone turn off.


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