It is the perfect time for social networks, as more and more people are interested to join and flock in online social networks. There are a number of social networking site available like, Facebook, Google+, Twitter and now the new Socl. Microsoft has introduced its social network Socl, just days after Facebook’s initial public offering on the Nasdaq stock exchange. (pronounced “social”) is an experimental research project, developed by Microsoft’s FUSE Labs, focused on exploring the possibilities of social search for the purpose of learning. Microsoft’s Socl allows users to sign in using Facebook accounts. The new Socl seems to go up against Google+ with its user generated content and Microsoft has done a good job of designing Socl using a tile=based interface.

Share Your Search

With you can share your search and help others discover what they might be looking for. Fun commentary and discussions usually follow like existing social networks.


Discover New Interests

What are you interested in? At you can find new interests and connect with like-minded people. Social slide

Start a Video Party

Doing things with others is a fun part of which resembles the Google+ hangout. Start a video party on any topic and chat with your friends.


Now creating posts, makes it easy to create a beautiful post you’re proud to share. Just find interesting images and links on the web, and helps you assemble them automatically into a compelling visual montage.The bookmarklet is a new and easy way of sharing content on while navigating the Web. extends the video party concept by making it easy to share video parties, with friends who are online. Video parties let you search, and quickly assemble a list of movies to view together with friends. You can view any existing party collection created by any other user, or create your own, and easily chat with other users.

Joining uses Facebook authentication, which means you use your Facebook account to log in, and your name and profile picture from Facebook appear in By default do not post any content from into your Facebook stream. If you choose, you can post content to Facebook using the share to Facebook feature in you can also login with your Windows Live account. After joining you must agree the terms and conditions to continue with the

Socl  Socl login

Deleting account and data in

A lot of people never care about this feature until they want to close there account or want to delete some of there personal information, images or posts etc.. In you have options ranging from deleting a single item, search or post, to deleting all your history, or your entire account. The data you have deleted, however, may have been included in data sets shared with third parties. Deletion of your data from will not delete entries from such data sets.

Look and Feel

After signing and logging in to you will notice the layout closely resembles Google+’s layout, it also takes ideas from Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. You can follow other users or follow interests like music, food, or movies. There’s also a “bookmarklet” feature that adds a “Share on” button to your bookmark bar so you can share content anywhere around the web with other users. Looking at the “Everyone” feed, it’s easy to see what all users are searching for and sharing with the world.

You can read more features from the FAQ. What you think about this new social network? Did it can win the hearts of users and will able to defend the tight competition ?


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