is a premium technology website, founded in 2006, is one of the most popular technology websites in the world. Coolefriend attracts more than 40,000 page views every month and has a good number of RSS and Email subscribers.

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The topics covered in Coolefriend includes,

Technology: tech tips, guides, tech tricks, software tricks, cool gadgets, howto guides, how-to videos, social media tips, productivity tips, technology and lifestyle, web applications, etc.

Games: In addition to the popular technology, a special ‘Games‘ section featuring game reviews, best free games, games tips and tricks, game cheats, game hardware, gaming tools, gaming apps, etc.

Directory: There is a separate ‘Directory‘ section contains best-handpicked websites from the internet, and a software directory featuring the best software available on the planet. The ‘Download Software‘ section is dedicated to software and apps for Windows, Linux, and Mac platforms. Top WordPress plugins, top scripts, top extensions are also included in the ‘Popular Software‘ section. A website directory is also provided.

Answers: A dedicated ‘Answers‘ section is created for answering our reader’s technology-related questions. Readers those who are an expert in any technology, gaming, software, and hardware related section can join and answer the questions.

Forum: There is a technology ‘Forum‘ for technology support, troubleshooting, and trouble fixing, ‘eDoctor and Tech issues‘ is a separate section in the forum equipped with tons of tricks and tips to solve the computer, laptop, gadgets, and internet related issues. The dedicated forum, ‘eDoctor and Tech issues’, mainly focuses on troubleshooting and trouble fixing. The high-quality posts are prepared by a panel of tech-savvy geeks and computer experts.

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